Help me find a capture card!

Helo all, with Marvel 3 coming out i want to start recording all my matches and putting them up on youtube. But ive never owned a capture card and know little about them. Any idea on how much one costs and what kind of specs my computer needs to get things up and running?

Here are my computer specs. (Im not a big pc head either)

Windows XP
Service Pack 3
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
1.93 GB of RAM
Fatal1ty F190HD Motherboard

I want to record my matches in HD 720p would be nice All my tv’s are HDTV’s so i really don’t want some 50$ dazzle capture card in which i have to use composite or component cables because the image quality is going to go down and its going to cause lag. Any tips? I would very much appreciate as much info as possible.

How much free space do you have on your hard drive? Capturing video, especially in 720p, eats up a lot of gigs.

Well im not the best person to be giving this advice since I have never used a capture device. But im pretty sure most people use the happauge pvr. As far as not wanting to use component cables what else would you use? You can do up to 1080i on them and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t cause any kind of lag. (don’t quote me on this though). Here is the link HD PVR Product overview

I am willing to buy a separate hard drive to use for videos. Also i really dont know how video cards work. Like where everything plugs in? Do i take the HDMI cable from my Xbox and plug it into the capture device and then plug that hdmi into my tv? A breakdown on how capture cards work and how they are connected to the tv/console would help alot.

Component cables can do 1080p. Any difference between the HDMI and component video is based on the settings in the tv, and not on the cables.