Help me find a decent gaming laptop

hi, there. when i refer to gaming laptop, most of u guys must be giggled. but i’ve no choice. my new job requires me to travel a lot!! so bad. i’ve searched a lot, and found this Alienware M17x Laptop. it looks very nice. but i am not sure it is really that good. plz give me some suggestions. tks in advance.

You can’t really go wrong with this:

DRX Laptops for Gaming and Business | Falcon Northwest

It all depends on what your price range is, but this is basically the kind of specs you’d expect out of a gaming desktop built into a laptop. Honestly, I’ve heard not so great things from Alienware, and was told when it comes to performance laptops, stick with Falcon.

That alienware seems like a pretty good price for what you get, probably because it’s “50% off”

The MSI gaming series laptops are quite nice too, and might be a good alternative. (MSI GT GX versions).
I don’t know if they can compare to the 50% off with the alienware one though, but at least they come with I5 / I7 cpus

>gaming laptop

Alienwares are OKay, but kinda over priced, search for MSI gx640(15.4inches with I5) or gx740(17 inches with I7). They go with a ATI raedon mobility 5850 and 5870… both with GDDR5, way better than GDDR3 in alienwares. or check out the Asus G series, the asus G73 is probabily one of the best on market now.

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880 Laptop

what kind of gaming do you want to do? As in how new are the games and do you have any in mind? If you just want to play classics/emulators, you don’t need anything special.