Help me find a six button controller for 3s

So basically you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a cheap 6 button controller on ebay to play 3s.

anyone who seen me on 2df knows i am one of those players who mastered playing with a gamepad

after several months my dpad practically melted and now i have nothing

ebay has nothing but 4 button with 4 shoulder button ps2 style controllers. I just need a 6 button front layout.

Can anyone help me?

Get a USB Saturn pad or a 360 Madcatz Fightpad.

i saw the saturn pad and it’s what i need

but the button layout is like 3 small on top and 3 big on the bottom

are there any that have 6 identical buttons? i can’t find the madcats pad

tons of em there

thanks everyone

sure enough those are too expensive for a PC usb controller

so i looked at the back of mine and saw SAITEK etched into it

i found a bunch of them hidden on ebay (though the thousands of ps2 garbage controllers)

i’m so happy!!!

you have no idea how hard it is to find 6 button frontal gamepads for a cheap price