Help Me Find My Dream TV

I know there is a HD TV thread but sifting through pages and pages of stuff of outdated links and irrelevant information isn’t something I am interested in.

I am looking for a very particular HDTV. Here are the specs

-19 inches to 22 inches
-1 HDMI Slot or more
-Coaxial screw in
-Decent Speakers
-Good for fighting games

My price range should be under $500 but the closer to around $250 the better.

Thank you very much

Sans the coaxial screw in, and you got the 23’ EVO monitor (Asus VH236H). If you don’t like its speakers you can audio out. It’s below $200.

That seems really nice. This TV would be for my room so I’m looking to hook up stuff like both a PS3 and a SNES to the same TV. If this thing has RCA ports it may very well be the winner. Thank you. Anyone else? Does this model indeed have RCA ports?

Unfortunately you might need some additional equipment for the SNES because there isn’t composite ports. For things like the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, it works excellently.

Can anyone else show me a TV that I’m going to be able to watch TV, play my old consoles, and play lagless fighting games on? Anyone please?

I heard Vizio is pretty good but I honestly have no clue about it. VIZIO M220MV 22-Inch


Buy a CRT TV! No lag for all systems!

I own a CRT but I am really sick of not being able to read the requirements of certain objectives on my PS3. I am aware that there are HD CRTs but to my knowledge they are absurdly expensive. My need for an HDTV is pretty required at this point.

The other day I saw a Samsung LED TV with HDMI port claims to have 1ms response time. I think it was Sync P2700HD or something like that for $277. I’m thinking about picking it up for SF.

Reponse time has nothing to do with lag, it’s a nice price, but if you’re looking for a near lagless set, just get the EVO monitor.

Good luck finding a CRT in-store, period!

They pretty much cleared all those out of my area around 3 years ago when Circuit City was going under.

Nobody, and I repeat, nobody, sells CRT’s locally (my area) in stores now. It’s all about thin sets since they’re far less bulky and much lighter than same screen-sized, thicker CRT’s.

CRT’s are still technically better in certain areas than thin sets and WILL last longer than any thin set on the market now. CRT technology has basically become obsolete due to stricter appliance energy consumption laws and the convenience most people want.

If you have a decent computer store, they’ll carry some reasonably priced monitors like the ASUS. Myh local Micro Center had difficulty keeping the ASUS 27" monitor in stock during December. There was a $30 mail-in rebate that lowered the set to $269 before tax. Of course, you still had to pay $300 + tax in-store before you could walk out with that set! :lol:

I may have a 30" sony 720p crt laying around if you wanted to make the drive to ct. I think I have one in storage.

Thanks alot Buttero for the offer. I don’t think I would be able to make it up there though. I really appreciate the offer.

Thanks everyone else for the help too. I’ll be sure to check out the suggested models. The big thing is I have zero use for a monitor because they really dont have the appropriate ports that I need. If not for that I would already have one of those Evo guys.

I’m going to take a picture of my setup just to show you what exactly I’m working with here.

My PS3, PS2, SNES, and NES all occupy the same TV along with my Verizon box so if I at least don’t have RCA ports I’m kind of screwed on this issue.

I have a 22" flat CRT (Philips I believe) with component in lying around. Not sure where in PA you’re located but I’m just a hair past Baltimore in case that’s close enough for you.

under 500? i say goto costco and pick yourself up a nice Vizio with all the hookups you need.

I picked up a 42" Vizio 1080p fully loaded with all connections you need for $522 after tax. with costcos awesome 2 yr warranty there are no worries. I saw a few sub $300 range that where still 32" and under. this was about two weeks ago.