Help me fix my stick!

I have never opened a stick b4 and this is actually my first stick. Its a SFIV TE stick and it stopped working. When i plug it in to my xbox the xbox button just flashes. If anyoine could help or find a video or post a video on what i can do to get it working again let me know. I can send u pictures of the inside to let u know what it looks like. I just cant be without my stick when SSF4 is coming out soon.

Have you tried plugging it into another usb port? Also, if you have another wired controller try to plug it into the same usb port you used for your stick to see if it works. This will see if its your xbox or your stick that needs to be fixed.

yea i checked…all my usb ports are fine so i know its my stick

Please make sure your snag connector is connected the piece that connects the USB To the cord sometimes they look plugged all the way in but aren’t i do this occasionally, Lol you never know it might be so just thought id post about it if so it isn’t hard to fix a TE Last i checked

yea i checked and its plugged i all the way. i took apart my stick and i dont want to mess it up but i would like to know what i can do to fix it.