Help me get a Record Deal


My name is Reuben Harper I have entered this singing contest that is live on the radio but in order to win I need support from the people voting online i have attached a link all you have to do is click on me and hit vote your vote is very much appreciate and after you vote reply to this thread so i know you voted!!!

Reuben Harper

i am a advid ggpo player and also play street fighter on 360 live gamertag is jayprotege and ggpo name is spliff32000


Looks like the girls are giving you some stiff competition.

I gave ya a vote anyway.


thanks for the vote


2 posts w/advertisements to click links = spam


I gave ya a vote. Good luck.


thanks for the vote


i didnt vote for ya


Editing post, as to not seem like a jerk.

Can a mod or someone move this to general plz?


This is definitely not tech talk but I’ll bite out of boredom. My cousin (girl) does nonsense like this. She harasses the entire family to create fake e-mail addresses to vote for her.

Where do we actually listen to you versus the other contestants?


it was on the radio on monday live but you cant listen to it anymore

check out my myspace though


Good luck man. I voted for you.


I liked “Here We Go Again.” Good shit.

Is JJ Hickson really your cousin? That’s tight. Cavs baby!


thanks i appreciate it and yes JJ is my cousin use to beat him right in my front yard but dont know about now though thanks for voting


need more voting


Good luck, I voted for you.

Now if you ever wanna return the favor, have your cousin send me some playoff tickets!


thanks for the vote


Hey man fuck you for spamming.


good luck homie


not spamming i really just need some help with this contest


i voted for you, but your getting whooped by those females.