Help me get to EVO


Hello everyone my name is John. I go by Chozo55, and I need some help. I’ve come across some financial issues and pretty much lost my trip to EVO. This was going to by my first time there, plus I volunteered to be a judge. I have a GofundMe that I hope some of you guys can help me with. Believe me, I wouldn’t ask for it this late if I didn’t know I needed it.

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Better start workin’ the street corner.


i will donate. i don’t care about the fact that you are new to the fightinggame community or the fact that you registered here 5 hours ago
to ask for donations. within my heart i feel like you must be a really nice person , sincerely.

i will give you 1000$ cash.


Only here for 5hrs and your first post is begging for handouts. Asking complete strangers on line for money to fund your travel for your own personal fun. Have you no shame?


Should’ve started a Kickstarter and offered sweet backer rewards.


“need” = food, medicine, shelter, employment.
“need” ≠ traveling to a videogame tournament.


Maybe we should give him a chance you guys.

Alright OP. What are your credentials? What tournaments have you won in order to justify us sending you to EVO among the thousands of people that want to go but cant? I wouldnt want to put money on some nobody who wont make it out of pools you know?


If he had any credentials what so ever he would’ve mentioned them along with proof. the best he could do was claim he’s going as a volunteer judge. A judge for what? this isn’t a boxing match. once a character is KO’d that decides it. There’s no decision or points. There’s nothing that needs to be judged.


>not getting the joke




Who would even give money for something like this, let alone to someone who only joined here just for that reason. What makes you stand out from other people that want to go? That’s pretty selfish IMO


This is the worst way to ask for help. People aren’t really willing to help random people who just pop up in the forums.

Now if it were someone who was already known to be part of the community (or was an active member of it), then people might be more open. But as someone just coming in out of the blue? Nope.


Are you a woman?

Are you a trap?

Are you Japanese?

If you don’t qualify for any of these, your efforts are FUTILE.


Was gonna say you ain’t no Karaface lol.


lol funny stuff i wish the guy would reply back but im sure he seen the comments and feels dumb


I’d sponsor a go fund me to get @mattmonster1991 some lessons in grammar and punctuation lessons. Seriously, reading his posts hurts my brain.


lol what a real faggot you are u can tell your a virgin


Nope, and I’m also literate. So I have two things going for me.


Community doesn’t know you. GGPO.