Help Me Grasp SoulCalibur


bought the game today, its my first time playing it.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me with a few things.

1: how do i start learning? I am an avid SSF4 player and this game boggles my mind. In ssf4 i would practice my BNB’s over and over, learn some set ups watch some videos. Then go play some online and start to grasp the character… I don’t even know where to begin in this game… what should i do to get better?

2: is there a guide i should check out? is this game that big of a leap from the last one?

3: whats a good starter character? preferably a guy that looks cool (doesn’t have to be)

4: should i learn some combo’s is there some bnb’s?

5: HOW DO I GET UP? whats my wake up game, why roll? why not roll? why shouldn’t i get up and attack? etc

6: is there some form of a tut in this game? i can’t find it.

7: how do i block/when should i block? how do i do that counter thing? not the one that cost a bar, but the apparently better one? which one should i focus on using? i hear the better one is all i should need.

lot of questions i know, but i really think i could get into this game and i love fighting games.


also, how should i map my controls on my TE stick.