Help Me Grasp SoulCalibur

bought the game today, its my first time playing it.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me with a few things.

1: how do i start learning? I am an avid SSF4 player and this game boggles my mind. In ssf4 i would practice my BNB’s over and over, learn some set ups watch some videos. Then go play some online and start to grasp the character… I don’t even know where to begin in this game… what should i do to get better?

2: is there a guide i should check out? is this game that big of a leap from the last one?

3: whats a good starter character? preferably a guy that looks cool (doesn’t have to be)

4: should i learn some combo’s is there some bnb’s?

5: HOW DO I GET UP? whats my wake up game, why roll? why not roll? why shouldn’t i get up and attack? etc

6: is there some form of a tut in this game? i can’t find it.

7: how do i block/when should i block? how do i do that counter thing? not the one that cost a bar, but the apparently better one? which one should i focus on using? i hear the better one is all i should need.

lot of questions i know, but i really think i could get into this game and i love fighting games.

I’m pretty sure would be a better place than here to ask info on soul calibur.

ill give it a look, thanx.

I’d imagine even tekkenzaibatsu would be a better place for SC info than SRK

1.block high most of the time.
2.spam top 10 moves.
3.beat yo friends.

lol i just learned to block high, i was getting wrecked…

another good tip is to stop trying to spam ssf4 ultras… all 3 punches is not the proper input.

Why are you giving tips to yourself in your own thread?

I’m vaguely curious about this game, how balanced is it compared to SF4? I played SC4 and it seemed like the developers made no serious attempt to balance it, which turned me off.

Its pretty well balanced, the game isnt so focused on combos as it is in its pokes, knock down game, and okizeme

Everyone should tweet @CEOJebailey and he will teach you the game properly. Say BreakingNewsJebailey sent you.


i wouldn’t say that, i guess it could be… but as of now it seems a lot of people are picking nightmare and sig…

me being one of them.

Yeah, it will be that way until the community levels up their defense skils. Right now rushdown tactics are winning quite often and Nightmare is a favorite due to the power and long range. He has a nice low attack from range that looks deceptive when used. Looks like a mid or high hit, but is low and the hitbox seems to extend a little further than it should. I’m still grappling with the changes to Mitsrugi.

Definitely check out for more info. BTW Mitsrugi isn’t a bad character to start out with to learn some basic game flow and moves.

ive pored to much time into night.

i am now a member of 8way and they helped me a shit ton.

Mash and learn to use the block button

mastered that.

Use Astaroth, abuse the fuck out of his knee when characters get close, get knockdown, either pop them up or grab them on the floor if they lay down 50/50s for sho