Help me Guilty Gear noob

Ok im playing Chit Zanuff and I wanna know how you do the follow up after the delta blade or whatever he screams when he does that slinding move ( P QCF ). How do you do the second hit?

Also how do you do the version where the oponent is in the air and he does a delta blade that goes diagonal?

And last how you do the move where he jumps on the wall and he attacks dashing diagonilaly downwards towards the ground? sorta like Maki or something

Hit HS. Alpha Blade plus… QCF+P,HS.

It’s a Shoryuken. It’s the same command: DP+S aka Beta Blade

On the wall, hit back then fast quickly.

Why did I edit your post? Am I becoming a GG nerd/grammar nazi?:sad:

thanks alot for the first one.

for the second one… I know about the shoryuken, im talking about that same sliding he does but when he pops his oponent in the air its like he can air target the Alpha blade in the air, not the normal air alpha blade that goes straigh, the one that target hits diagonal after a pop up. like this [media=youtube]JdolEwF59mM[/media]

and the third one i didnt get it could you please explain a lil more

That’s his Force Break. HCF+K,D. It’s not an Alpha Blade at all. Chipp does the Leaf Grab and instead of grabbing attacks instead.

When near a wall jump back toward the wall and input forward quickly. Input should be like this:


I have a new guilty gear noob question, how do you cancel moves?

for exemple when Sol does that Gun flame I often see him cancel to do morep ressuring or something.

Im trying to especially cancel chipp zanuffs qcf k after his red punch thing.

can someone tell me the commands please? and wich moves can chipp cancel?

Those are force roman cancels, they are done in the same manner as roman canceling but in order to get that blue effect you have to time it JUST RIGHT at the exact frame thats available. The best way to figure out the best time to force roman cancel is watch videos to get an idea then sit in training mode trying to imitate what you saw OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until you get it right. Eventually you’ll get the timing down and be able to use force roman cancels for some pretty interesting combos. Hope this helped, if you need any extra input, is a great place of information and you can always PM me or message me on 2df. :bgrin:

The command to RC (Roman Cancel) anything is pressing three non-dust buttons at the same time at a point when you can RC.

You can RC when your move makes contact, hit or block, with an opponent. Projectiles for instance cannot be dry RCed. You can also input RC whenever there is an FRC point within that move, which you can find out in training mode (The flashing input bar.) This is how you FRC Gunflame, a move that would otherwise not be RCable.

And obviously, you RC moves to either continue pressure, make unsafe moves safe, or crank those combos.

ok im started to get the roman cancel down, that aint to complainted, but that force roman cancel is gonna take a while.

i think chipps frc shouldnt take long to master.

thanks geezer,moroha

edit: damn this game is fockin complicated, gold busts blue burst, rc’s and frcs, those complicated combo systems, so many inputs, this aint nothing like 3s, dude. Srsly. I don’t even play GG and I can tell you this stuff.

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No gamefaqs.

You want to learn any game mechanic in Guilty Gear you go here:

The Players Guide.

The best way to get into guilty gear is taking it slow man, i think your being overwhelmed by looking at everything at once. Try to learn one thing at a time. I’m assuming you bought the game so take a look at the booklet and go over every command very slowly. Believe it or not the most basic of techniques can save you in battle. If your playing accent core, it very much should be more complicated than the previous games (sadly for new players). XX was much more basic, and i can admit me myself was a bit overwhelmed by everything at first.

EDIT: What hatred edge just linked you to is THE best place for guilty gear talk/strategy. You’ll get all the help you need there.

you can go into training and put the input display on. when you do this it will have a bar at the bottom showing ur inputs…but the other kicker is that when u do special moves if u see a blue flash that is your Force roman cancel hit timing (aka the blue version of RC).

Btw…chip is the character noobs start out with :crybaby:

I always thought sol/ky was? O.o

Sol is the character black people start with.

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sol is the newb train to big money shot combos

(in training mode at least… but thats the only mode that matters…

i mean, who throws down the e-peen with match vids when combo vids are so much more possible in real play? XD)

WT j.s CLSW, its stupid easy to be a training mode superstar lol

anyways, bodler, just take it slow like gamegeezer said

knowing the best combo means nothing if you cant set up to use it
knowing the best CH-based combo means nothing if you eat a combo because you thought your 6H would win

learn the basics, then work up to the flashy fun things

playing well using only basic manuevers, but only being able to get 100 damage combos, is a better start then knowing 1 money combo but not having a clue how to block/escape pressure/knowing what your moves do and when to use them

good luck to you either way though :smiley:

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So yeah…Eddie vs Baiken… help? I’m getting super turtled and running into all sorts of Sakura combos. Is there any way to do rushes outside of drills without being Sakura’d?