Help me ID arcade stick please


This weekend I found this stick at the local flea market. I asked the lady what she wanted for it, and her answer was 50$. Seeing the PS360+ and clean wiring job I quickly snatched it up. The only thing I have done is replace the JLF as it was missing the shaft, actuator, etc. The stick body itself is of very high quality, the top panel has a great feel to it. Anyone recognize this stick design? I figure it has to be made by a pro, or someones home project turned out really well. Any info would be great. I really dig this stick, I’m not looking to flip it and make a buck.


Looks homemade to me, never seen that brand or model before.


Hell of a deal in any case, looks good.


Looks like a bewlix blank diy case from b15


Might be an early Voltech case.


could be one of the ebay specials from a while back they looked like that



Even though it’s not finished, VERY nice find for $50!