Help me identify this street fighter game & system

hey guys, ok this is kind of weird, but i am trying to find uncover some information about my very first street fighter game. This was probably over 15 years ago when I was like 5… i was living in Thailand at the time. I asked my dad to buy me a street fighter game for some game system I had…

I remember that he brought an orange cartridge, and that it had that street fighter II intro where the guy punches another guy and then it pans up to the top of the building.

I remember that it did not have a lot of characters. Maybe like 4… Definitely not 8. This could have very well been some kind of demo… i know how cheap my dad is and how he hates video games.

any ideas as to which game and system this was for?

sounds like some sort of sketch ass bootleg

Was it for the NES? I’m assuming it’s one of those fake SFII ones that was circulating around asia.

I remember Ending man,, had orange (I believe yellow) game cartridges.

I’m semi interested in a video of this bootleg sf2

wow, i think this may be it… have any more info on this system?

Sorry, I don’t know any more than the site says; I remember you could have so many games on the same cartridge. Could this, [media=youtube]fHAK5DDNF3k[/media], be the game ?

Damn!!! We gotta get into evo! :rofl:

I actually had a copy of this bootleg, and another one called Master Fighter II


Lost the carts years ago though.

Master Fighter, definitely.

The Mario Fighter hack was even more hilarious. I remember getting a double KO once and the game froze. haha.

definitely not this one, I remember distinctively that there were like 4 characters.

I think this may be it! This game has 4 characters, ryu, guile, zangief, and chun li!

anybody have more info on this master fighter II? lol

great vids guys! Thanks so much.