Help me identify what is wrong with my PS3

80GB Fat PS3 August 08 (Not PS2 backwards compatibility model)

11/25/2010: Around 2-3AM EST, my PS3 froze on the Now Loading screen of SSF4 (the icon stopped spinning), couldn’t access the XMB or hold down the home button to the controller setting screen. Held down the touch power button on the front, waited for a good number of minutes, did not go off. Flipped the switch in the back to power off.

Turn back on, PS3 wasn’t reading Blu Ray disc and sometimes not recognizing a BR disc was in (on the XMB, blue light on the PS3 itself was lit). Reads CDs and DVDs fine.

Later that day, like at 2PM EST, I try again. It sees a disc was in, launches one game thought it was fixed, swap to another game, stopped reading disc. Tried the recovery menu file system restore, still not working.

I let the PS3 sit overnight and in the morning of 11/26, I tried to play a disc again. It worked and loaded and then stopped reading the disc after about 10 minutes (I was just scrolling through the SSF4 menus). I can still access the XMB and power down and eject.

Thought the lens was dirty was so 11/26 I bought BR lens cleaner (Maxell one with the “wind technology”). Did nothing.

Today, I try it this morning, same thing: Runs the game for 10-20 minutes before freezing and I have to quit game. Tried it again like 4-5 hours later of leaving it off, runs the game then stops during loading when it would read the disc.

Still plays games off the HDD like Rag Doll Kung-Fu. Plays CDs and DVDs seemingly fine. BluRay disc (movies and games) stop playing after a while.

Problem seems to be the BluRay lens but why would it read it and then just stop reading the disc after like 10-20 minutes if I have to go through the menus?

same thing happened to me but it was while i was playing battlefield
im pretty sure its the lens youre gonna have to get it replaced
or do like me and just get a new ps3

I never had the large majority of freezing issues before my 60gb decided to have the blu-ray drive controller take a shit.
I had installed the first act of MGS4 the day it released, didn’t have time to play, turned it on the next morning and the PS3 refused to recognize any disc was in the drive. No DVDs, no CDs, no BRs. Had to send it in for service.

Sounds like that’s where your console is headed. :frowning:

Thanks for the help.


My Sister’s boy firend has the same issue, except it was CoD Black Ops instead of SSF IV.

He is having it shipped to sony now for repairs, since the repair shop he went to couldn’t fix it on the 3rd try.
Fortunately for him the Repair shop he went to gives warranties on there work, so he isn’t paying a thing not to send it in.

blu ray going tits^(unfortunately), time for a repair. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same problem. The lens got dirty because i sometimes smoke while playing.I cleaned the lens with pure alcohol by opening the PS3 and the bluray drive.
Worked for me.

Can u watch bluray movies? if yes, how long does it take to load the movie?

When I tried the movie wouldn’t load.

If u r brave enough u could try the same thing i did or u can send it to sony and pay a shit load of money.
This vid helped me a lot: [media=youtube]ybSwimBxV74[/media]

edit: not guarenteed this will work but u can give it a try