Help me improve my akuma


i can never land a crossup tatsu or decent combo


training mode


LOL. Yea go to practice mode and practice the spacing for the cross up. As for the combos… well dont mash! Break down the combos into more little parts. goodluck dude.


You should be practicing the BnB HP© -> QCB+LK, DP+H till you can do it every time. from there you can land that combo off a dive kick or a regular jumping attack. Like Danny said, the only way to learn how to do crossups is to keep trying in training mode on a standing dummy till you get the spacing down.


@saidypoo everyone says its better to followup with after tatsu


You must master proper jump-back-air-fireballs and random sweeps. 90% of your play should revolve around this.


But OP can’t even X-up Tatsu so I think he can learn that one later


This… also make sure you throw out random U1’s, especially if you’re standing close to your opponent.


That’s also character specific.


Direct yoself to the Character-Specific sub-forums under the Street Fighter 4 section of this site. The Akuma threads are really good :tup: