Help me improve my overall game

well, I am trying to get into MVC2, always been an old timer playing games like MVC1, X men COTA and MArvel super heroes, so i captured a few vids, and i was wondering if you guys can watch em and give your opinions on what i could do better etc.

New Matches:

Fun, play around matches:

you guys play marvel better than you do 3s…And that is a compliment.

just keep practicing, and read the forums for what characters you want to learn, and Dl some match videos for top tier characters at

I guess I’ll start, since I’m going to be the least harsh of everyone who is probably going to post in here.

Man your friend is beastly on a controller. I just had to say that first off.

If you’re going to play SSCable, then you need to put Sent second. This is because you will have the Storm/Sent DHC to kill a character with whenever you need it. Also, it’s a MUST that Cable is on anti air with that team. He is the “get the fuck off me” assist that both Storm and Sentinel need.

You also need to trap a LOT BETTER with Cable/Sent. Check the Cable threads for info on how to do that.

You guys have a habit of tagging out very dumbly. Stop that.

If you are absolutely serious about getting better at marvel, the only real way is to go and play people, and get your ass handed to you. Everyone on the board, as well as the top players, have to start like that. Eventually though, you’ll smarten up, learn tactics, and be able to get your ass not handed to you as much. Also, watch a lot of videos of the top players. As a matter of fact, I believe there will be some videos of myself playing from my very first tourney this past Sunday. Take a look at those, as well as other vids and ask yourself, “How can I put this into my game?”, or “Why is he doing that”?, and then figure it out for yourself.

I really enjoyed the last two matches though, very very innovative DHC’s and ish.

just watched 1 match, damn xbox marvel is fucked up… storm air combo, LAx2 bounces them off the screen

yea xbox is messed up… i couldnt believe it wen i saw them fly off screen… n e whos im still kinda new but ive learned i think enough to post some tips here… in one of the matches cammy is on expansion… the only assist she should b on is anti air… as coo coo said its the “get the fuck off me” assist and its invinsible all the way up… if ur gonna combo icemans artic attack in an AC go lp, mp, then use kara canceling qcf k then press both punches immediatly after you press the kick button and iceman will stay afloat rather then fall down and the attack will go for alot more damage and hits… also as coo coo said stop tagging out so blindly ur gonna get ur characters killed if u do that all they need to do is block and a good players will make u pay in the moment the character does the taunt after there attack… if u really wana tag out DHC out or wait till ur opponent is in the air and tag out under him
mad props to ur friend playing the hayato… one of the guys i play wit uses him and i kno his jaw would drop if he saw those combos goin to enjetsu and the “raging cutting demon” as he calls it

i liked the artic attack dhc into shinryuken, also nice was hayatos to raganorok and wat got me was shinryuken out prioritzing legions can n e 1 else mayb clarify that for me… but thats about it any1 else feel free to correct me if u see n e thing wrong and i looked through some of the videos and check out justin wong against soomighty… i felt bad 4 justin after watching that

I don’t think that was the case…I think he may had just did 3 la’s, but he kara’ed the second one into the third, causing the high bounce.

idk i jus saw one of the times it happened and to me atleast it looked like he jus did the two diagonally up ones back tobak and psylocke got bounced away in the third video

Yeah exactly. Sometimes when people do two la’s xx ls, they sometimes press it too many times, which cause the second one not even to come out and skip to the third one. If you cancel into ls from that third la, it will not combo because of how high they bounce from that third la.

ohhhh, I was always wondering why that crap kept happening, ok, so i have to watch how i am pressing that now, ok, thanks, that should help me out alot.

biglou, thanks for the iceman tip.

thanks alot, I will definetly work on all of that, yea, I really want to get down that cable/sent trap. I will switch around my team and make cable the Anti-Air assist, since mvc2 teams need one of those. I can wait to see your matches, let me know when thier up.

Thank you for all of your help guys.

as far as Strider goes, i know to use doom aaa, but i suck with strider overall. the team i’m trying to work with rite now is hayato, psy and mag…i know its sortof taboo with you guys to use controller, but as you can see, i’m not one of those guys who uses it as an excuse. i really am better on it. growin up, i wasnt big on arcades, therefore most games i played started and stayed on controller. only recently have i started to convert to sticks… i’ve pretty much got hayato back and front but, i still have a ways to go with psy n’ mag. tips, comments on what i should do to make this team better?

Anytime, Anytime. You seem to got some of the basics down, now you should watch videos to apply them in the correct way.

As for you…

First off, you need to start Mags and put Hayato second. Also, you need to put Magneto on the first assist. This will give your beastly Hayato more room to work to clear out assists and rushdown more. Also, you need to find DHC’s to get Mags out instead of just tagging in all the time. I haven’t tested, but st. hk(1 hit) xx magnetic shockwave xx hayato’s pillar super should do decent damage, and is a safe way to bring Hayato in when blocked.

With Magneto, eventually you have to learn the ROM. Until you do, learn to do this from anything:

launch, sj. fp/hk xx addf lk, ad. lk.

From that, you can mix up or combo easily, you can even do the Mag/psy unmashable from it, then DHC to one of Hayato’s supers for good damage. Try to refrain from doing HGxxTempest combos midscreen as well because they are easier to mash out of midscreen than from in the corner.

Hayato has an unblockable with Psylocke. It goes: j. lk + Psy, st. hp. I don’t know what to do with it, but you will since you play Hayato. Search the Hayato threads from the beginning for more things.

Also, you need to learn how to pushblock. Pushblocking is essential to getting people off of you.

Even though you are blah on sticks and arcades, it is the best way to level up in this game. Also, you can get rivalries and ishes going there too. But I hope all this stuff helps you as well.

Ken, you in NY? I’m coming back to NY in like two weeks… I live in brooklyn…

so if you wanna throw down, i’m game.

anytime ken… shoryu listen to coo coo put magneto first to build meter for ur hayatos enjetsu combo… magneto rushing down can get you 5 meters in a jiffy and doesnt really need to do a super to inflict that much damage… i dont play him but i hear hes got the most infintes in the game of any character…

pushblocking ive only recently learned to appreciate u can push some super away from you and they jus drop in front of you open to n e thing and learning to play mags u can capitalize on even the smallest window of opportunity (ive learned from experience). also i hear wat ur saying about controller and aracde i have had to recently learn the whole game again on arcade because i got so used to controller and to make it worse i learned everything on the dpad not even the analog stick… if u can learn hayato on arcade the way you kno him on controller that would be a sight to behold… hope this comes in handy

and coo coo let me kno wen those matches of urs get up

nah, but i wish we had more poeple to play with around here in south jersey. at the arcades, theres only about a handful who play this game at a decent level.

Most of this is common knowledge, but I thought I’d give some random thoughts…
There’s also alot of nitpicking here too.


Match 1 [both players]

=*Random thoughts…
-One of you has to notice that there are too many blind tag changes from the other one, and start turtling and trying to bait them. You both keep falling for them. Eventually this will stop hapenning when one of you isn’t getting hit by them and is killing the other for it.

=No triangle jumps were noticed. Basically, you need to start using triangle jumps in addition to [and as a replacement for your]normal jump attacks with storm. Same thing with Magneto.

=Learn the following combo to tide you over till you can do the rom infinite…
-Launch, sj hp, airdash df hp, hk [unrollable otg], dlk, dhk. They’ll land beside you being at risk for getting overheaded by a triangle jump lightkick into this all over again.

=As a side note, triangle jumping is normal [or super] jumping in any direction, and the earliest you physically can, holding down towards, pressing both punches at the same time to trigger your airdashing down on your opponent, and throwing out either attacks that either…
-Deliberately whiff [so the opponent blocks high front only to get crossed up and hit low back]
-Deliberately hit [so the opponent is blocking low only to get hit high so fast that they can’t react with the block quick enough to save themselves]

=Too many Triple supers from the Cable-Sent player. Use the TK AHVB instead [neutral the stick, and over rotate a quarter circle motion causing a superjump, then press both punches once just off the ground…,]. The next time you block their tag in, do a ducking lk, standing hk, pause till the hk is about to begin retracting, and do the TK [tiger knee].

=If you get your sentinel hit by an attack [or throw], and the attack doesen’t knock you on your back, DO NOT NORMAL JUMP. Instead, superjump and or activate flight. Once you deactivate flight you’ll be able to block an attack, or cash that block in for a small attack spree [or even make a bigger combo if you landed one] of your own. Also, when you activate flight with sentinel, neutral the stick for a moment and then tap a direction that you deem positionally desirable, then try to attack again. You’ll find that when you do this just right, your attack will come out much faster as the lag from flight will be neutralized.

=Any time the first hit of Sentinel’s Ducking hp misses but the second one hits, that second hit will actually hit.

=Although Cable-a is Cable’s best assist NEVER, EVER, EVER choose this assist. Choose Cable-B instead. Someone else seeing this, will choose Cable-b, wait till they block it, alpha counter [Back, Down-back, Down+assist] in their cable, and just after their Cable’s feet leave the ground from the scimitar, cancell that into an AHVB, and you lose your Cable assist for free. They can do this to almost any projectile assist you throw at them as well. In addition, if you block a close attack that you think has recovery, you can guardpush them back, cancell that guardpush into an alpha counter, and kill the character for the move. Should you choose Cable-b, you can do this to someone else instead of having it done to you. And just think, you get a mildly decent AAA [anti air assist] as well to protect your Storm and Sentinel. Recommended team structures to follow…

=Storm-a, Sentinel-a/y [I prefer y], Cable-b
-Here’s a combo for this team with Storm…
-Launch, sj lk, mk, lightning attack X 1-2, Lightning storm, and DHC in Sentinel preferrably with HSF [hyper Sentinel force / Drone super]. Then you can launch them and go for an air combo, or go ducking hp+Storm assist, rocketpunch, ducking hp, rocketpunch, HSF. They shouldn’t survive either one of these 2 options.

=*Match 2 notes
=Use the drones to cover the recovery of your gunshots, and if they get hit by the gunshots, cancell the gunshots into a light scimitar, then cancell that into an air super. Follow that with a TK AHVB followed with a jumping AHVB to potentially kill the character in just one combo.

=I didn’t see any guardbreaking, so I’ll cover that here.
-If you are in a normal jump state, you can only do ONE of these [“enter and leave blockstun or block”, throw out a chain combo, etc…] and optionally follow it up with only ONE of these… [throw out a special attack or super move ;Not both…]. You cannot reverse this order BTW. Please note that I’m ignoring the fact that you can doublejump in order to retrieve your normal jump action, or you can airdash just after firing off a chain attack since these technically don’t count as actions. I’m also going to partially ignore the fact that you can call assists anytime in a normal jump before you fire a super [and in some rare cases like psylocke’s butterfly super, afterwards].
-The easiest way to tell if you’re in a normal jump state is to hit the assist button when your character’s feet aren’t touching the ground and you aren’t in blockstun or hitstun. If an assist comes out, you’re in a normal jump state. If not, you’re in a superjump state. Here’s a partial list of the situations where you’re in a normal jump state…
If you normal jump state if you fly or, when you tech hit a throw. The most dangerous situation where you’re in a normal jump state however, is when you fall in from the side of the screen and illustrated in the example below.

Someone falls in from the side of the screen when you have Cable, and you jumping hp, land, jumping hp, AHVB. Basically, if they…
-Block the gun, you wait till they leave blockstun, and fry them…
-Take the hit, you fry them while they’re in hitstun [since it’s long]
-Block then guardpush, you jumping hp, then immediately HVB pulling down, or AHVB, pull down just long enough to let them out of blockstun, and bring it back up to hit them.

=*Match 3 notes:

=When the ground HVB was blocked [the Cable should have used AHVB instead] the Psyloke should have wavedashed in and aircomboed the Cable.

=A Cable’s using too many hp. Someone can tag over it and land hit you almost for free [the Cable might scimitar you, whell woop ti doo…,], duck it, or sj over it on reflex. Some cables can fry it’s startup with TK AHVB.

=Tagging in [yes I do this foolishly sometimes too] is extremely dangerous. If it’s blocked by present day players, you lose a character. I covered this earlier.

=*Match 4
This is the first PS2 Match.
Here’s a combo I didn’t see you do with Ken. You should launch the person, hold up forwards, and alternate between using lp into a 4 hit spinkick, or launch the person, omitting the lp, and going for the spinkick. On the way down, one lets you attack the opponent as they land high, and the other one lets you land befor them and attack them low. In either case, you destroyed just over half your opponent’s health without meter. That’s not bad. In addition, you didn’t try to roll behind your opponent when they blocked your attacks with Ken.

=*Match 5
This is the second ps2 match.
The assist structure of the teams are bad. Cyclops and Cammy should be on anti air. When the Cable wasn’t on screen if you did this, you could simply bait psylocke out, and counterassist with Cammy and deplete psylocke until the player loses her or stops calling her, then take the opportunity to attack the pointman who no longer can use psylocke for defense.

With Wolverine, do not end your aircombo on an assist with a tornado claw. you can’t block till you land and the opponent can combo you.

When Cyclops blocks a maximum spider, he can Mega Optic blast [fatbeam super] Spiderman for free.

TK AHVB was used here to chip Wolverine to death. First time for either player using it.

yea, those are the 2 things i am really trying to perfect, j.hp xx AHVB and his normals into AHVB, i mean, i KNOW how to to them, is just trying to get comfortable using it in a real match and finding openings. but i never knew you could do s.hp xx AHVB, and ive been training to get that psimitar into AHVB, but for somereason i cant get the AHVB to connect, if i do it early, i do a standing HVB, if i do when im close to releasing the psimitar he does the AHVB but the opponent is popped up into the air from the psimitar.

you dont do it up close. that is what most likely is going to happen.
also, i’m mentioning this again to remind you, use the lp version of psimitar, i think you have a type error there. it’s s.hp->psimitarxxAHVB, not s.hp->AHVB. and try to see through the animation in which cable sticks that thing up in the air and quickly cancel it.

there is also one guardbreak but it’s kinda tough. midscreen c.hp->lp psimitar->AHVB.

s.HP up close is a much easier superjump cancel than s.HK

c.LK, s.HP or c.LK, s.LK, s.HP xx (superjump) AHVB

if he hits them with the gun before he starts shooting do the above, if you hit them with the bullets from far out do what radiant told you, and don’t worry too much about the timing, you can cancel into the super pretty slowly and it’ll still connect

You guys didn’t roll that often. LIke in your low tier battles, the Psylocke assist kept nailing you and you never rolled. If you were ever in a MSP match and Magneto somehow fucked up and didn’t cathc you fast enough befoere you hit the ground, he could still OTG you while your ass is on the gorund for 1 second. Know when to roll and not to, but most improtantly, know how to roll.

Yeah, I did make a typo. it is standing hp x1-4, lp scimitar, cancelled to AHVB. Sorry for the confusion.