Help me Improve my skills


Hello all.
As you can see in the title, i SUCK at third strike.
Here’s a video of me playing:
So guys, tips and tricks please??
And what are some things am I missing??
What things should I do often??


Parry often.
The A.I. of this game is really easy to predict.
Well, except for that faggot, Gill.


Is it even possible to parry Gill’s seraphic wing or something?


2 frame cr. rh


Who lets you on these boards?


Stop spamming
Play vs real players
For the most part, don’t bother with parries at the moment. Just focus on eliminating risk.
Don’t listen to MetsuTatsumaki


Hello. I’m not a Chun player, but here are some general tips:

Try not to jump as much as Chun, her game is stronger on the ground.
When there are better options than round house/hard kick (e.g. cr. mk xx SAII, back hard punch), use them.
Learn to hit confirm cr. mk xx SAII
Learn Chun’s kara grab
Don’t mash for punish, you’ll get lighting legs.
Go to the Chun sub forums and look at the general strategy thread, it should have stuff that’s more helpful.
Don’t listen to MetsuTatsumaki



MetsuTatsuJungleKen, slow down. Your answer is actually in the SF:Anniversary Collection Strategy Guide

by site owner Mr.Wizard JOEY CUELLAR (with help from Texas based SF scene, Hsien Chang, & more)

Outdated of course, but you do get the Arcade Soundtrack on disc. And… tons of SF2 stuff regardless of it being a crazy mish mash game of every version, not MUGEN tho still, from John Choi/Mike Watson/Seth Killian.

nice Art compilations from Bengus/Akiman/Kinu Nishimura
Frame Data generally correct
All Palettes
Combos to KNOW
Charge Partitioning basics
Quirky stuff like Makoto invincible n.Throw noted


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