Help me improve my skills.


Hello all, as you can see I am new to Third strike and I need some tips from you guys for me to improve my skills.
Here is a video of me playing: (Excuse the bad quality.)


Please tell me what things I need to improve and some tips would help.
Sorry if my english is horrible.


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As long as you think you’re perfect, then you’re perfect. Don’t let society make you believe you have to be “better” than you already are girlfriend.


You should be giving out tips instead, dat gouki


the three posts above me are why new people don’t play 3S. good work guys.

if you’re not trolling or something negroplease, make your way to the akuma section and/or the OE video thread (even though that isn’t OE technically). lots of threads and posts about beginning to play 3S and plenty of specific akuma advice.


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No, new people don’t play 3s because it’s not a new game.


No, new people don’t play 3s because it’s not new graphics.


that doesnt make any sense, cuz thre3s is the best fighter visually ever made, nothing has topped it.


No, people don’t play 3s cuz Dander makes fun of his friends. New, old, Amingo sticky green Snoop Lionizzle hookah club.


Silly noob 3esss is not 3dsss.


First time I’ve read a post on here that I don’t think I can refute. I can’t imagine any other reasons for why people don’t play this game. Other than it’s not cool to play games but whatever to that, 3s is an EXtraordinary game. Also,



Still up, was thinking over this.

Yeah you could be made fun of. But taking over that hate and getting better to the point they can’t make fun of you anymore is how to do it. Get better everyday.

I don’t know if OP is coming back or is lurking Akuma forums or blackuma, please.

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ORO ZZZ is so gdam loud in OEeee.

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