HELP ME Is posible make connect qanba pcb and kaimana pcb


I whish put leds buttons to qanba ebony but not want lost dual mode (XBOX/PS3-PC).

qanba pcb dual mod (XBOX/PS3-PC) original:

kaimana pcb:

Actually I have the script arduino code for kaimana.

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You would just have to get a new set of wiring to run from the qanba PCB to the kaimana. The kaimana is a pass through (essentially) and has nothing to do with console connectivity. You would run the wires that normally go into the buttons the the kaimana and then from the kaimana to the buttons.


thank you

I’ll try… i never give up!!


Its relatively simple. Just follow the wiring diagrams. And make sure you cut the harnesses in the right spots. That’s super important. I’ll take a look at my Qanba tomorrow and see how exactly to do it.


Oh, that would be great! I’m just waiting for my shipment to clear customs and should be trying to set it up over the weekend.




I got my parts a few days ago and I’m trying to hook the kaimana up but I’m a bit confused with some parts, instead of asking a lot of questions, could I ask you for a pic of your setup?
I should be able to figure it out from there. Gonna work on the whole ardsuino programming meanwhile.

Thanks a lot!


Mizuki’s English improved drastically over 3 posts.


@Pp_mizuki‌ I will send you a picture of my Foehammer, its the same basic concept. Im not entirely sure however how you will get power out to the Kaimana. Does anyone else know if the Qanba q4 PCB has a VCC out to solder to?


It does have a VCC output, dunno how to solder to it though.