Help me land this combo please



cr.short, cr.jab, cr.jab, fk or cr.short, cr.jab, cr.jab, cr.strong, fk

It seems so simple, but it’s hard as hell.

Is there where plinking comes in? Is it just timing? Help me out!


You can choose between cancelling c.lp into FK but you have to link lp into lp, FK, or an easier way is to link c.lp(+4), FK for the first combo.

Plink for 2nd combo if u have problems with the 2nd combo.


IMO, stick with > c.lp > xx flashkick.

It can be hard to tell with > c.lp > c.lp xx flashkick, whether or not the last c.lp is linked into or chained into. Like Rexell said, in order for the combo to work, you must link the c.lp, not chain it. So, you have to hit it with perfect timing, because too fast, and its a chain.

Going into makes things easier since you can not chain into, but you CAN plink it. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to plink. Definitely check it out. It takes lots of practice!


Ok, thanks to you both for the help. Gonna practice this.

As far as plinking goes, I actually have watched some videos on youtube.

So if you are gonna do the > c.lp > xx fk combo, when you go to hit the mp button, what other button do you hit to plink it?


Plinking uses the button directly below the command you want. So plinking MP would be MP + LP


Ok thanks. Gonna try it.


Plinking = MP~LP Not MP + LP


Yes, basically hitting lp right after mp. Got it.


Sorry, I didn’t know there was forum plinking notation. I simply meant that MP and LP are used to plink…I wasn’t trying to say they are pressed at the same time.


Yeah man, I knew what you meant. I should have made it clearer as well. Thanks again.


Didn’t mean it to be offensive. Someone might interpret lp + mp as pressing both buttons at the same time in order to plink when it’s not true at all.


I understand…it’s fine


since ultra came out they made tht one frame link combo cr.lp fk easier to hit i normally use cr.lp (2) fk any questions or if u wanna play a set add me on xbl OG Swiizy