Help me learn to beat Guile

I have yet to get used to Guile’s shenanigans and would actually prefer going against Sagat than Guile any day. I’d like to play someone who is decent, willing to teach me how to beat a Guile and preferably has a mic, repeated text messages get old when trying to learn. I’m currently at a little over 7k GP using only Rose, I consider myself OK but not good.

Xbox Live: Low Tier Zona

Thanks. Oh and I will be more than willing to share what I know about beating Rose as well (not that it’s super imperative to know how to beat Rose lol)

i’ts funny b/c those are the 2 characters i play, feel free to add me.

enjoy! From one low tier character player to another.

From my experience stay on the ground, focus through the Sb’s. jump one or two to see how guile reacts. The reason I say stay on the ground is for the air throw guiles, You can beat it, but you have to predict hes gonna air throw you and bust out an attack first, i for example air danku the moment im airborne and that can stuff it, if i think about it (some you will find this is the head stone of their strategy, and they really have nothing else to their game.) Once you get in Guiles grill, dont stop pressuring, you can focus between his hk double kick, usually not long enough for the stun, so its safer to hit him and back dash, but f dash and throw if you are feeling frisky. Qhilw pressuring if you just cant get an opening try and bait a Flash kick. I still have plenty of off games vs guile that I bomb, hes another one of those characters you have to constantly be on your toes when playing as it requires alot of navigating through bullshit and precise execution unless they suck like the guy above in my SS. I steam rolled that bastard my Saikyo was stronger…at least he disconned while i was taunting, makes it all that much better.

tks for the games