Help me learn to play this game

I need some serious help on playing this game. It seems like whoever i play as or against i get nearly perfected against every time, this is in arcades on console and on ggpo.

I have played SF2 for many many years. I main Boxer with Deejay as an alt.
I have played SF4 since release and i main Boxer and alt Zangief.


i really like playing as makoto in SF3. But i cant seem to understand a few things.

Like super canceling. I know how to actually super cancel but i just have to ask.

How the fuck do you do a or hit confirmed into a super? i see people just do that against me. into super.

how the fuck did they know so quickly that i did not block that, and then input the super so quickly. Its near instant.

Anyway, thats just one of the few things. something that is makoto specific…

Her karakusa into s.HP -> Super or hayate.
I can never land this but its a bnb?

Anyway my point is im terrible at this game, and even the simplist things escape me.

So can someone please help a long time SF2 player make the switch to SF3? If possible the best place to play me is on ggpo, for lag purposes only people in the US please.

EDIT: also interested in play dudley, boxers and all.

Hi Typhon,

Hit confirming takes a lot of practice. One trick is to always do the super motion immediately after cr. mk or whatever normal you are using. It doesn’t have to be incredibly fast, just do it evenly. Then the actual ‘confirm’ part is just hitting the punch button. Much easier than trying to cram in QCFx2 on confirm :looney: Another thing that helps is pianoing all the punches/kicks instead of just one. That way the super has 6 chances to come out instead of two, so if your timing is a little off it can still come out.

I wouldn’t worry so much about the hit confirming as getting the BNB combos down. When starting out with Makoto, you can land karakusa -> hp xx hayayte by just mashing HP. The HP should combo when the grab finishes, and then you can cancel into hayate. After a little bit, you can try to just do it by timing without mashing. It’s not too hard – hit HP when Makoto lowers your opponent as his feet touch the ground. Easy damage :wgrin: You can also substitute SAI or sometimes SAII instead of hayate for an easy way to land super.

Keep at it, you’ll get it. 3s is a fun game. I’m Herschel on GGPO if you want to play a few with a mediocre player!

just play a lot.

I think you should start with a shoto first like Ryu/Ken, and get to know the game mechanics more. Makato is “more advanced.”

that is the only one true answer

or to be a little moe realistic get a time machine and go back ten years
(or wai for the eventual inevitable rerelease so there will be more noobs)

if you’re learning makoto just practice>lp hayate and>lp hayate. once you get that down start practicing karakusa->HP>HP hayate.

Practicing hayate link into SA1 puts hair on your chest

don’t listen to these people.

check this out btw, and just keep practicing. It takes weeks/months of losing and getting perfected to become even slightly decent at this game. You just need to stick it through, and try your hardest.