Help me make a Cthulhu sticker?

For those who don’t know, I make a cool board made to go into arcade sticks called Cthulhu. I’d like to get a batch of stickers printed in time to take to Evo to give away, and include in future boards sold. Problem is, I’m not artistically inclined in the least bit.
I came across a great piece of art that would be perfect, and finally got permission from the creator to use it. The full size can be seen here:
(2.5k x 2.5k pixels, pretty big size but small filesize)

What I’d like is to see if anyone would be willing to tweak it with text around it. Something like “Cthulhu Powered” or “Cthulhu Inside”; I’m definitely flexible on what it says so use your best judgement, whatever you’d like to have it say if it were on your stick. I’d prefer it if the text were wrapped around it, keeping the circular shape so the stickers could be made circular. It’d also be nice if the text was a solid (no greyscale, no color) so the result could be used in a two color sticker, either color+black or black on clear. I don’t have my mind set on whether or not the black in the picture will be black and the white in the picture will be the color (likely greenish of course) or visa versa, so if you thing it looks better to flip the black and white, feel free.

In the beginning of July, if there are multiple entries, I’ll have to pick one. I’ll be getting stickers made shortly thereafter, and will happily mail some to whomever made it. I’ll also of course have them at Evo to give out.

If you’d like to help, have at it. If not, thanks for reading.

I guess I’ll start off

I think Slick Vic’s got you covered, but for the sake of (a little) variety:

For the slogans, I suggest:

“MC Cthulhu: Put a beast inside your arcade stick !” or “The monster PCB from Hell”

It woud be best to have the logo available in vector format, such as PDF or SVG in order to benefit from the highest resolution possible from printers

Yeah, I definitely need something else to take the same spot in the lower half, I just haven’t figured out what should go there.
‘Cthulhu Powered - Evil Eternal’
‘Cthulhu Powered - Premium PCBs’
‘Cthulhu Powered - Premium Circuits’
‘Cthulhu Powered - Godlike Control’


Unfortunately I dont have a vector format version of it, but the original is 2.5k pixels to a side. Even if I printed it out with a 5" diameter it’d still be 500 pixels/inch.

P.S. I guess my post daus ago never showed up, but Slick Vic, that’s damned clean work man, and looks amazing and exactly how I pictured it.

I forgot to say, Big Ups to Slick Vic for the great work! Keep movin’ forward.

Thanks Sav! I really appreciate it.

Here are the designs with the slogans on the bottom so you can get a feel for how it’s going to look.
I added one of my own, too. I also thought ‘Toodles Certified’ would sound cool, but I just couldn’t figure out how to implement it.

Wow those look sick you will have to hook me up with one toodles.

Holy hell those look good.

the best I could do in Illustrator:

Just a heads up, if anyone does want to vectorize it and has illustrator, this can be vectorized pretty much instantly with live trace.

^ apparently your not all that bright after all…

wtf? It was just a heads up post to anyone passing by the thread that wanted to take a stab at it in illustrator that wasn’t aware of the live trace feature. I’m not retarded, I saw that you used illustrator.

edit- anyway here’re my attempts, I might try one more thing a little later on.

  1. not everyone on SRK has or uses Illustrator
  2. If everyone did use Ill. then why would you need to tell people that? That’s like saying, “to open the file all you have to do is Open>File.”
  3. Wait till someone ask for help before you put on your cape, Handi Man’s sidekick. [media=youtube]hkQQGsOegv0[/media]

No shit, that’s why I said if you have illustrator. Besides you can grab a free trial if you just wanted it real quick to vectorize something.

Just because you have the program doesn’t mean you know how to use it or all its features. I refer you back to the trial. It’s nothing like saying that; open file is universal to nearly all programs.

It was partially in response to this little bit:

I’m guessing he was aiming his post at me… I know how to use illustrator, photoshop, and flash equally the same. If mine gets picked I’ll vectorize it, until then I’ll leave it be. All in all I love everyone’s designs. Good luck to everyone!

^stupid member continues to argue his point with out using his or anyone other person’s brain while ignoring logic like a woman on her period

Just As Planned.

I didn’t stick to your guidelines. When I read “Ctuhulu sticker” I instantly thought of this and created it:

I really like this one. Could I ask for a couple of tweaks?

  • Can the bottom text be changed to ‘GODLIKE CONTROLS .COM’? I don’t know if you have any control over it, but I wanted a little bit of space between the godlike , controls, and .com to make it easier to read, but not big enough so that the domain was supposed to typed as one word. I registered last night :slight_smile:
  • Can the bottom text be set as the same size as the upper text, with the same center of the curve? The curve of the bottom text looks like a tighter curve than the top and looks smaller.
  • Any chance of the full size version, the same high res the original was? Or vectored if you have it?

I’d love to get these tweaked and printed.

A couple of sticker styles I whipped together. They’re still rough, but I thought you might appreciate the slogans, considering your clientele.

I thought you’d appreciate at least something a little comical and different, if anything =D.

EDIT: Looking over it, this is definitely not finished. Would definitely fix up the “Cthulu Powered,” it’s nowhere as centered as I’d like T_T