Help me make a stick layout!

I know what I want, I think. Basically. I’m just not skilled enough to make it. I have all the basic pictures and stuff, just no idea on how to put them all together. Anyway, here’s the thing:

Sticking to a purplish/blue overall theme, I want to have this as the background:

Perhaps eliminating the cityscape. Then I want Iori on the left side:

His hand/flame kinda going over where the stick comes through. I can’t get that white background to be transparent. That’s just one of my problems.

Then if possible I’d like this kanji somewhere, maybe upper right corner?:

And my name, kinda like this in the bottom right:

Dosen’t have to be that exact picture, just a sample of how I want the text to look. If you could blend that in though, that would be neat.

If you could spiff it up with any effects, maybe add some more pictures of Iori or something to the dead space, that would be cool too. I’m using DreadedFist’s new large box layout, american style, which can be found here. Though I really just need the artwork done, as I can basically just paste the finished product into the template myself. Yeah, the only thing I do know how to do, go me. :arazz:

So if anyone would be nice enough to help me out with this, let me know, I would appreciate it forever.

I got this…



Wow, that’s pretty hot. Good call with the neowave art too. Do you think you could fix the contrast on his skin? It’s a little too bright/pink for me. It would actually be cool if you just left that pic just colored as normal without the pink overlay I think. Other than that, :tup:

im on it…


I took the tiles out because it distracts from the centerpiece…otherwise just holla if you want anything tweaked/changed

yeah, now that’s what I’m talkin about. Thanks again, I totally appreciate the work, and then the re-do. Looks dynamite :china:

that shit looks dope…

can i do that to a mas stick too? replace the layout?

very nice:tup: