Help me mod my sticks :)

I’ve been reading alot ALOT of threads and such trying to find out exactly what I need and I am just not clear on what I need. I figured if I post here exactly what I have and what I want someone on here can direct me properly.

What I have:
stock original TE 360 stick
stock TvsC Wii stick

What I want for both:
bat top stick with octagonal gate & concave buttons for both

I would like the parts that are the easiest to swap out but retain the quality of what’s in the TE and could possibly upgrade the Wii stick.

Go to lizard lick and buy an octogon restrictor plate for a sanwa jlf and a bat top w/ adapter for your TE. I don’t think you will be able to put concave buttons in there. They are happ brand and too long. IDK about your tvc stick

Raoul Duke answered one part.
Now for me the second.

Read everything.

Has anyone ever tried to modify a Happ button center to fit in a Sanwa or Seimitsu bezel & microswitch?

I thought I saw a slightly concave button that seimitsu made.

One thing you might consider is making a new stick for both of your systems and selling the two sticks, unless you are fond of them for what they are/ collecting them.

You could build a universal stick relatively cheap using all Happ parts. It would be a bit deeper than the 360 stick you have, but it would have all the parts you want and could work on multiple consoles.

I actually have a question along these lines, I’m looking for the part, but I can’t seem to find it. Is there an 8 way restrictor gate for a Seimitsu LS-32 (The stick that comes stock in the the EX-SE)? I can find an octogonal restrictor plate for the LS 56 but that thing is way too large I’m sure.

Your Seimitsu LS-32 already comes with 8-Way Restrictor.
It is the blue Sub Guide; having 2-Way, 4-Way, 8-Way.

But no, there is not an Octagonal Main Guide for the LS-32(-01).
Just a Circle is available.