Help me modify my Venom Arcade stick

Hello everyone this is my first post on SRK and i would like to ask the lovely people here for some help and guidance to modify my newly acquired arcade stick.

This is my first ever arcade stick and i bought it because they see it is easy to customise and improve the controls of significantly with Sanwa parts.

Now my question is which Sanwa parts should i go for and could you post me the amazon links to said parts as well as any tutorials guides that could help me a long the way.

Please note im a moron when it comes to acronyms so please explain stuff to me as if im a 5 year old.

Many thanks and cheers for having me in this community.

Try the tech talk section, it’s full of knowledgeable people who will probably be able to tell you everything you need to know, including where to get parts.

Thank You mate.

Good guide aimed at the inexperienced: Newbie guide: Venom PS4 / Mayflash V2 Full Sanwa (/Seimitsu) Mod with Octo for £116 [UK Pricing]

thanks a lot mate. thats gonna be super helpful