Help me not drop this game entirely... the salt is too strong!


Not going to make a long post about this and if someone thinks they can alter my perspective, i am ABSOLUTELY opened to it but in a word, i think I’m just about done with this game.

Per match, so many things still happen that i don't understand, i mess up execution so much that its to the point that i don't know if its some kind of input lag that I'm just not able to identify or if something is wrong with my stick, and unfortunately, the community on both live and psn are kinda dickish, which is wack because part of the thing I dig most about fighting games is meeting people.

I do enjoy the game and want to continue playing but for these few reasons (there are tons more but i don't wanna make you guys sit through that all right now) I'm considering moving on. What i would like from you guys, if you care to, is to maybe help me identify the problems i have so that I'm not so stressed out by the time I turn the game off and can actually work on them.

I figured i would come on here and get some of you guy's opinions, i posted something similar to this a few months ago in regard to ssf4:ae. I didn't have nearly as many gripes but i got great advice that breathed new life into the game for me.

Thanx in advance


If things are happening that you don’t understand maybe their are things your confused about you know? The dfferent types of hits overhead medium low hit stun air/ground/neutral states. Projectile points. Frame data. Theirs a lot that actually explain in number why certain things happen

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How long have you been playing? Sounds like you still have a lot to learn.

It wasn’t all that long ago(literally a few months back lol), that i was ready to do the same. Was going to quit and sell the damn game on e-bay. But i stubbornly kept at it and kept getting my ass kicked, until i slowly but surely started to improve and level up my game. Glad i did. Now its a totally different story.

I dunno, some say its good to RAGE at a fighter every now and then…


You’re playing online. Online Marvel 3 lags. Online Marvel 3 sucks.


You enjoy the game? Keep playing
You don’t? Stop

It’s not rocket science, noone needs to convince you, goddamn.


Translation: I can’t be bothered going into training mode and practicing with the lag settings, so I just blame my losses on the lag when it’s really my fault.

Geez, people. If I can bold cancel with a two bar connection, then you can too.

On topic, if you want help you’re going to have to be a bit more specific. What is actually happening in your matches that is making you salty? Maybe you can try to record some gameplay and pinpoint the things you struggle with.


maybe marvel 3 just isnt your game, maybe you should try another game…


Congrats, you missed my point, which was that his execution problems possibly came from laggy online. Also, laggy online modes are generally considered to be, you know, bad.

Am I telling him to blame the game? Perhaps, to a certain extent, but I’m mostly just pointing out a possible source of his execution errors, which may not even be the game. (The OP certainly does not make this clear.)

You can do bold cancels with a bad connection, good for you. You don’t seem to mind a little lag, good for you again. I’m sure you must be proud of yourself.


If you don’t like the game, then don’t play it. There’s nobody with a gun forcing you to play… or is there?


If that’s what your point was, you did a very bad job of communicating that. It looked to me like you were just bitching about the game’s online. Perhaps a better post would have been “What kind of connections are you getting? If you’re getting 3 bars or below, your execution errors could just be because of the lag. If you think this might be the case, try going into training mode and practicing with the lag settings.”


Welcome to Marvel.

I felt the same way you do and sometimes still do. What gets me salty the most about this game though, is that people will sometimes do ANYthing to win, then they have the gall to go out and call themselves “skilled” at this game when all they know how to do is corner hump the stage and whore out Mag’s beams, spam projectile assists, ect.

I don’t know how long you’ve been playing Marvel 3, but I know that when I first started playing, I spent half of my time being salty. You just have to find a few good people who are around your skill level (or just a little above it) and just play, play and play until you get better. I wouldn’t suggest grinding online, but…sometimes, aside from the training room, it’s just a part of getting better.


Play offline.
If you’re trying to be competitive then do the above.
If you aren’t too serious then practice under lag settings and keep doing your thing online.


Practice makes perfect… I drop stuff many times before something eventually clicks. Go for easier stuff at first. The more you play you will eventually learn why things happen the way they do. If not, just ask. Im sure someone knows what you’re trying to find out.


You’ll shut up when you hit a win streak. I was mad salty earlier then I hit 9th lord for the first time since I bought it two months ago and calmed down.


Don’t be a fraud


when you make it to fourth it will set back in.


If you are extremely salty, go play vanilla for a while. Everyone in vanilla is free, so if you ever need an artificial self-confidence boost, racking up a 50 game win streak in ranked match is one of the easiest and most fun ways of getting it.


Play offline.

That is all.


Don’t play online too often. I can handle it because I have masochistic tendencies but it is not for everybody. This game is like a completely different beast when played offline. No exaggeration.

But if that is not your problem you should probably go into more detail so we can help.


Are they winning? Then they are skilled. If it’s so stupid then you do it too.