Help me out with my Qanba Q4RAF real quick please


I have an issue with my stick. The USB cable is acting a little funky and disconnects randomly when it’s bent in the wrong position. Luckily, arcade stick parts are replaceable.

If anyone is familiar with Qanba Q4RAFs(this one specifically: Do you know what kind of USB it uses? and where I can possibly order one online?

Thanks in advance guys.


Any standard USB 2.0 cable will work.


Thanks, Any idea on how to go about actually replacing it? it seems the connector to the actual stick’s board is a bit different and…confusing looking >_<


Are you sure it’s not soldered on?


To be honest man i am not a tech guy AT ALL so i have no idea if it is soldered on or not. The wire looks like the rubber around it is cut and stripped leaving the actual wires inside exposed and each individual wire inside is connected to a different section of a white connector which is connected to the board(hopefully all of that was less confusing than i think it was >_<)


Don’t quote me on this, especially since I’ve yet to take apart my Q4, AND since you haven’t posted any pics…

But it sounds like the end of the USB, which has had its insulation removed at its ends, has either

a) Had its individual wires connected to a different connector and attached to the board or
b) most likely, each of those wires has been soldered directly onto the board itself. If the wires have like a shiny metal coating on the end of it connected to the PCB itself, that’s solder.

If you’re not much of a tech guy, and don’t feel like trying to be, I suggest taking it to someone who is an expert (i.e. electrician, electrical engineer, etc etc) and having them perform the job.


It would help the real techs here – there are a few people on SRK who are electricians and electrical engineers – IF there were an actual picture of the Qanba PCB board and the USB wire(s) in question.

You can talk descriptions all day long but a picture generally narrows down the problem in 20 seconds or less…

Just sayin’.


I know exactly what the pcb looks like, it is on there with a connector.
The time it takes to crimp the new connector onto another USB cable are not worth it for the time it takes to solder the four usb wires to the pcb.


Alrighty well i will put a pic of the connector up as soon as i get off work then.