Help me overcome this wall!



I started playing fighting games almost 8 years ago. I progressed quickly at first, even taking top 3 twice at more local tournaments. I took a break for a few years still playing casually with the same friends I attended tournaments with, but wasn’t all that serious anymore.

I returned to fighters with SF4, but hated vanilla, and knew I should wait till super. I got super, started playing again, and even over the past year, I’m the same shit player I was the first week I picked up super.

It’s odd, I’m fully aware of what I need to be doing, but every time I think I have it right, I get crushed anyway. Just today, this gouken kept demon flipping into dive kick during block strings, and I knew I just had to AA him when he did it, and train him to stop doing it constantly. But it was like I either couldn’t convice him to stop, or I continuously mistimed it, whiffed it, etc. I also seem to get tagged a LOT while dealing with akumas running away fireballing, shotos doing the same, guiles, juris, etc. I get through the fireballs just fine but when I’m finally in their face, they teleport out, tag me with some counterhit button spam (l90% of the time, spam, like 4 jabs then a random non-linked strong).

Any tips for overcoming this? Anything others have noticed that are past this point that can help me learn to not get tagged by this? How can I teach my opponent to stop doing the same thing constantly?

If it helps at all, I play Makoto in 4, played Urien in 3s, and play gief in ST.


What type of comp do you face regularly? I mean locally, if it’s just your buddies then that could be a real problem. If you know what you need to do then it’s all a mental problem, comfort in a match will only come with experience so imo you need to seek out stronger opponents offline, or at least practice regularly against good players online.

You don’t just magically get better by playing for a long time, it’s all about the quality of the matches you play over the quantity.


If they’re doing the same thing constantly that’s a good thing because you get countless free punishes.
You should be focusing on improving your ability to AA those divekicks otherwise you can’t expect them to just


Just practice, practice, practice. You’ve already started the first step in trying to break past your plateau, and that’s analyzing why you lost. Once you figured how you lost, ie. you kept eating demon flips, and get pushed out easily, then you can work on a regime to stop it. After that, you just apply it to your training, and to your real matches, and you’ll see yourself improve in each aspect of your gameplay little by little.

So you want to stop the demon flip into dive kicks, as a block string. You have to analyze your options at that point, and figure out what you can do. Since you play Makoto, the easiest, and safetest answer, would be to focus the dive kick and backdash. Makoto has pretty limited anti-air options, and if they do a demon flip to dive kick, you don’t have have a solid answer for that at that close of a range. What you CAN do, however, is anticipate that he’ll abuse the demon flip–dive kick, and punish him during the start-up of his attack. Do a j.fp, or a neutral jump attack to stop him, slow down the match, regain your composure, and build up your momentum to start applying your own offense.

Makoto does well as a rush-down character, and has limited defensive options, so keeping that in mind, you need to learn to avoid those kinds of situations, and only fight on the enemy on your own, favorable, terms.

I’m not sure what you mean by convincing him to stop. The only way you can get him to stop rushing down, is to show that you’re able to prevent him from getting into his offensive groove in the first place. That, or find ways to rush him down in a safe manner, so that you can apply pressure, so that you keep him in block stun while you do your mix-ups.

Akuma, running away and throwing fireballs, shouldn’t be a problem for you. You have the fastest forward-dash in the game to allow you to slip underneath fireballs and punish him for being so obvious with his patterns. If he’s running away, just let him back himself into a corner, where he has limited mobility. At that point, you should be able to keep him pinned down in the corner, or anticipate his teleport, and chase him down accordingly. But you have to learn how to maintain close-game pressure without letting him slip out. Realize that Makoto’s st.strong and cr.strong buttons are VERY good, and can easily hit confirm into a combo, or go for a kara-grab.

Be sure to utilize her focus attacks as well, to mix up your offense. If they’re jabbing you away, and keeping you out with random buttons, you’re able to do instant air tsurugis to punish them into a full combo, as well as do a focus attack to at least make them think twice about throwing out random buttons. Even if you don’t land a crumple, at least you put your opponent on guard, it’s more of a psychological edge than an actual damaging threat.

Watch footage of high-level Makotos in action to get an idea of how it works. And most importantly, keep watching your replays, and commentate to yourself what you did right, and what you did wrong. Once you do that, figure out a strategy to correct your mistakes, while capitilizing on your strengths, and practice, practice, practice.


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My advice is to find strong players, much stronger then you. Lets say you have 2000 pp… go find 3000 pp players, if you have 1000pp go find 2000pp players.
PP varies though, but in my experiences its a pretty good indicator of skill. Play them 5 times, if you can squeeze out at least 1 win then maybe you want to keep fighting them. You don’t want to lose over and over unless you can handle that… i know i can’t.


Yeah, I tend to get pretty long-winded whenever I post advice. :frowning:

tl;dr. Figure out what went wrong, work on a strategy to correct those mistakes that you make instinctively.


people have told me this before. I never have nor ever will do this, i guess i don’t care enough.


It’s probably even better if you’re losing constantly because eventually you’ll be forced to look out for multiple
different faults in your gameplay if you even want a chance of doing half decent against your opponent.


So what exactly makes you qualified to think that you can give advice to people who have the same problems as you, but you don’t know or care enough to get past it?

Which is why I’m a big proponent of people taking time to stop between matches, and think about their loss. This is largely why players who go to offline sessions, or the arcades, tend to improve faster in comparison to the majority of online warriors. They’re given a chance to lose in front of a crowd, wait in the back of the line for their next turn, and get REALLY salty doing it. This gives you the motivation you need to really figure out a new gameplan, so that you don’t lose.

Salt breeds motivation.


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I recently fought a ryu with 8800bp all he did was jump back fireball til i got close then spin kick to the other side of the screen. All i did was keep jumping in til I got to shoryu range then punished whatever I could…GOUKEN! i can’t help you with advice on that…AA fuki doesn’t ever hit that guy on wake up unless he messes up the meaty


Ryu can no longer spin kick to the other side of the screen in current versions. What version are you playing?


the newest…I’ll see if I can find the replay…maybe not 100% across screen but 80%? I’ll look for the replay

Edit: Ok I can’t get it anymore because I played many more matches since :-\


So much truth here…