Help me pay for my tuition! FINAL SALE! All games $5 each!

Edit: Everything sold!


Pm’ed about 4 games

Already a bunch gone.
A quick note though, for those sending me paypal payment, please include the list of games in the paypal message so I can keep track.

Dumb question. Are these all NTSC US?

PM sent and yeah one was empty. :rofl:

Yes. All North American games. Sorry for not specifying.

No biggie. Strider disappeared anyhow. :smile:

Yeah. Someone was quick and lucky for him, you’d be the 5th person to ask me for Strider :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I wanted Strider as well.

Payment sent for the other game Val.

Hey Val,
Good luck on your sale.
I can’t believe college robs us of our dreams and hobbies.

If you take ALL of what’s left and put it on ebay as a bundle, what do you guys think is a good price for the lot?

Everyone who has purchased something, your package goes out tomorrow morning.

Hey man, yo, im interested in your Chun li custom stick, you know? the one bigpockets built for ya.

nah, man im just joking, but will you sell it for the right price?? man, that stick is sick.

I think that one has sentimental value to him so probably not.


Since the rest of the lot I’ve tried to sell on here in the past with no results, the lot is up on ebay:

i was about to buy games from u valaris. let me know. thanks

:rofl: I might bring the auction down then, but it has to be worth it.


But why the fuck does the smallest package, travelling only to Toronto instead of LA…cost me 3$ more than the biggest package travelling to Cali?

Quick note: The customs forms has the exact shipping price on them, Yes most of them will say 5 to 6$ and I charged you 7$, but the 7$ included the cost of the bubble wrapped enveloppe :tup:.

I have the worst luck possible. The ebay listing was fucked up and I had to take it down. So it’s back on here. I might have dropped the prices, I just don’t remember what I had em up for originally.