Help Me Pick a Character! (SSF4AE, SFxT, 3S)


Well, those are the three games I play and I need some help picking a character in each. In SFxT, I already know one of my characters (Ogre) and I want a partner for him in that. However, since I need more help in AE and 3S, I decided to put it here. And don’t say “Pick Ryu because he’s beginner friendly”. I know the basic stuff in this and I want to pick a character to use to really learn the advanced things in each game.

So as for what I’m looking for in a character, well, let me see. I don’t like strictly zoning characters. I’m usually more of an offensive player who plays rushdown most of the time. However, projectiles are ok, but not necessary, I usually only use them to stop other projectiles. So pretty much, doesn’t have any trouble getting around projectiles. I don’t mind lower health, but not too low. 900, 950 are both fine for me as long as they have other benefits to make up for it. Again, the character I’d like should be primarily rushdown, but not TOO offensive (Yun). I guess balanced? Whatever it’s called. I’d prefer the character’s damage to not rely mostly on super long combos (this applies more to AE), but if they just happen to have this, it’s fine. Other extras I like are counters and dive kicks but they are more like icing on the cake rather than necessities.

So recap: primarily rushdown, primarily offensive but not too offensive, lower health is fine, i’d rather not have their primary source of damage be long combos (but its ok if it is), and can easily get around projectiles. Extra stuff like dive kicks, projectiles, and counters are good too.

At the moment, I play Ogre in SFxT as one of my characters (I’m mostly just looking for an Ogre partner in SFxT, so any recommendations would be great), no one in 3S, and Yang in AE. However, I’m having second thoughts about using Yang. He fits me pretty well but I may downgrade him to my secondary.

Any help you guys can give in any of the 3 games would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more clarification or any more info, let me know. Oh, and at least try to not be a jerk.