Help me pick a main in SSF4:AE

Hey guys I’m really new to SF. Just picked up AE because I was tired of MK9 and all of it’s problems. Anyway, I’d like some help picking a main character. I am looking for a character that is flexible, one that can zone decently and play a decent offense as well. So far from a couple days of playing, I’ve tried out Ryu, Chun Li, and Akuma but I don’t really know what I’m doing so any advice would be appreciated. If it helps any my main in MK9 was Reptile.

Ryu is generally the best character for figuring out how to play street fighter. Hes pretty much built for all the basics, so if its your first time, hes great for introducing yourself to every concept.

as for what to do, focus on zoning, defense and baiting at first. once you feel comfortable with this, move onto footsies, advanced option selects and rush down etc

look up videos on zoning and street fighter tutorials, even if theyre about street fighter 2, the core idea is generally the same.
also, look up the air ryu tutorial on youtube, its long, and out dated, but a lot of good info remains.

lastly, play a lot,find players who are better than you and play them constantly, use them as your measuring stick

Reading the rules of posting would be a good place to start before you make threads like this.

Try Guile. He has excellent zoning, decent offense, and an air throw to boot. He good at frustrating a lot of players because he recovers quickly from his Boom’s, and his normals have answers for the ground and the air, plus he’s fun to learn and use as well.

pick that character you like to play

It’s not really that easy; a lot of times someones favorite character and best character are different, and since this is a competitive environment, people are going to usually go with their best character, because they don’t want to lose.

You really just have to play through the cast, and find out what works for you, what interests you, and what you want to spend time with. You can narrow it down a little by eliminating subgroups you don’t want to play (ie. grapplers, charge characters, shotos, whatever), but, at the end of the day, it’s just going to be you gelling with something. Good luck.

Try Juri, for one there are no foward-down-downforward (SRK) motions for the specials, so u can learn her quicker. Also most of her special moves are unsafe so you won’t get into a habit of just throwing specials around and have to focus on normals. That being said, play the game all the way through with all the characters. You will know who to use after that. As a side note, spend some time learning Akuma because every version of Akuma is very similar across different versions of Street Fighter. Not the same but similar. This will allow you to pick-up and play a bunch of different games. Don’t just stick with AE, download Third Strike Online and learn to play that game too.

Stop being a bully. The person is asking for help. Play nice.

I just started a project that might helpp:

If I remember correctly Reptile in MK9 focused on keeping your opponent as far away as possible at all times so either Ryu for a roll character or Guile for a charge character. Try them out.

Learn what you’re doing, first.
Just pick whatever character (I’ll just say Ryu), learn the mechanics (of the game, not the character) and get a feel for the game and how it flows. Then you can worry about picking up a main.

Choose bison, hes a really good character for someone whos new, Great pokes, amazing offence and all the specials that are always safe.

Print a moves list off of gamefaqs and play random select until the 2012 patch comes out :tup: