Help me pick a new character in P groove

so yeah, self explanatory, i’ve been wanting to have a new character to use in p-groove. p-blanka, cammy, sagat gets hella boring. i’ve messed around with rolento, yamazaki, kyo, vega…but i thought i’d ask around these forums to see what you guys think. btw, please explain why the specified character would be good in p-groove.

Kyo, can easily juggle in his super.
Iori, Fear of parry + scumgale = pwned.
guile, doesn’t even need to parry, just poke a lot.

P-Sak. Very strong. Great throw game coupled with good hit-confirms for lvl 3. Great battery and has a great pressure game even without RC. Oh and low jump RH is the shit.

there was a very interesting team of p-sakura, kim, rolento in the Justin cup:

have a look. the files are definitely there, you have to turn off d/l managers and leftclick on DL, NOT rightclick then save as.

-raiden. no seriously, stop laughing. since you’ve been playing P-groove for so long, i’m sure your parrying skills are really good. being able to parry well is huge because it allows raiden to jump in a lot. raiden doesn’t really have a footsie game, so jumping in is where you will start to deal damage. once you knock them down, work the throw game all day. longest throw range in the game, so stupid shit like knock them down at point blank range, start walking backwards as they get up (so they relax), and throw WORKS all the time.

once they start to fidget and press buttons, parry into low forward into death punches into super. there’s all kinds of parlor tricks and gimmicks that raiden has also, but abusing his jumping down + fierce and throw range will get you far.

-rolento. you already said him, but he’s just got so much potential. you don’t want to get into the habit of trying to parry everytime somebody jumps in, but parry solves his inability to deal w/ crossups and low jump strong into super is money.

-joe, but only if you’re VDO.


P-Sak is the best battery (imo) for P groove. She’s pretty solid in it.

I’d suggest Maki in the user slot. Great normals, easy punish into super.


EDIT: jab run slash into down parry, slash combo into parry, super jump rh from high up into down parry, low jump strong into down parry

P-Sak cammy blanka, that was my old school team.

P joe

great throws, great dash, option select off, standing hk is pretty good poke. he has a dp and good projectiles and red cyclone makes your opponent think twice about jumping in.

makiiiiiiiiiii, you know you want to…

Chun Li! Shortly after I saw Justin use her in P, she seemed pretty good. Before I used to use Kyo but I sucked a lot with him so Chun Li was easier to play with. Parry into XX lvl 3 kick super does nice damage. Plus, if you parry a jump in, you can hit them with s.RH and then do sj.RH. It’s just a gimmick but a cool gimmick.

If you can parry well you really should go with P-Geese, the fast characters wont be able to play keep away since you have parry so that would enable you to get in their face. Him having parry gives some more options like counter baiting (either counter or Parry) And parry into death combo is really handy dandy.

Albert, just pick random people and do parry into B&B’s. You can already psychic parry everything anyway. You asshole.

P-Guile is ownage. He’s got a gross corner pressure game with low jump and stored LVL3 Blitz.

you’re a man after my own heart (no homo).

maybe you should pick up dan… just for flash points

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Honestly, haha.

thanks for all the input guys…
after careful consideration, i’ve come to the conclusion that i <3 p-ken and rolento.

p-vega(claw) is interesting as well as eagle. best/fun to play is rolento. parry to wire super is SEXY :pleased:

I enjoy playing P/K Kyo’s. If you manage to JD or Parry at close range, you pretty much can do Kyo’s MP xx rekka very very easily.