Help me pick a new mouse

So, my left click is broken and I want to start playing PC games again, so I have to pick up a new mouse. I don’t think I want to spend more than $20.

So SRK, any recommendations?

This entire thread can be ended in two letters:


Can you get a G5 for $20?

Logitech MX518

I have one and it’s just the best thing out there.

qft on the MX518. Find a used one, though. If it stops working you can always have Logitech replace it.

get a Razer Death Adder

If you can find an MX300 for under $20, buy it. Great mouse. Been using it for…4 years now?

It’s simple, it works great and the buttons located just in the right spot. I feel the MX518 has an awkward shape, this one fits in the hand perfectly.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the plastic underneath the side buttons starts to wear down and become a little rough after a year or so.

This is no top of the line gaming mouse but it works wonders for me, and I’ve never preferred a mouse over this one.

If you want a good gaming mouse, it’ll cost you more than 20… Razer or G5 ftw basically.

Another vote for the Mx518. Never used a mouse I like better. And I use Counter Strike as my criterion, for whatever that’s worth.

Actually, I’m not. My click broke, and I need a primary fire button, so I need a new mouse. I’m just going to play Thief and Serious Sam (my computer is not that great) I’m looking for something sturdy and optical. Wireless would be a very nice bonus. And the ones posted here are just a bit pricey.

With that information, do you guys have any other recommendations?

I use a Razr mouse, won’t ever go back.

I use an MX518 it is the greatest mouse ever. Another great mouse that can be easily found for about 20 bucks is the Microsoft intellimouse 1.1.