Help Me Pick a Nice Monitor!


Hello! My PC specs include a 7700k CPU and a Asus Dual 1070, and I’m currently using a Samsung PX2370, and it’s got me feeling a bit dated, I’ve got a few scratches in the middle and top-middle of the panel that have been disrupting me while gaming on occasion here and there, and this is prompting me for a nice upgrade. I have 25 2/8ths inches of width in my monitor cubby in my desk to play with, and height/depth isn’t really an issue, so I’d prefer a 27 inch panel. I’m looking at a budget of about $500, with capacity to go slightly over if it’s a great buy.

Latency is important, this is SRK, y’all know this already.

1920x1080 vs 2560x1440? I’m sure my GPU could handle 1440p maxed out on most of my games and I’d like to get the best out of that. I do tend to play a lot of very pretty games and want them to really shine.

60hz vs 144hz? Is the difference really that noticeable? My research tells me yes, but I would love some practical reasons to spring for it.

Gsync? I hate screen tearing but part of me wonders if I get so much of it because of the age of my current display, I’m not sure. It sounds like a great benefit, are gsync monitors bound to 144hz refresh rate though? I think so?

Built in speakers are in no way shape or form required. No thanks lol.

I would prefer a somewhat adjustable stand with vertical movement and tilt, no VESA mount required though.

A curved monitor would be really nice, but likely out of the price range if I’m being real with myself. Who knows though, that’s why I’m asking here.

I think that covers most of what you need to know about what I’m looking for? Throw me some suggestions!


As powerful as your system is, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not get a 1440p 144hz g-sync monitor. Everyone I know who has moved up to variable refresh rate monitor ( g-sync or free-sync) says they will never go back. As for specific models, I don’t know, but I have read that nvidia is super demanding on qc for anything that gets the g sync label, so I’d wager any of them will be good. Expensive, but very good.


Make sure to spend some time on httP:\ as well.


I have a 1440p 144hz freesync benq monitor and its godlike. Defenitely get the Gsync equivalent in your case. Its not just about not getting tearing. Framedrops generally become far less noticable.


Landed on the ASUS ROG PG278Q, I found one refurbished just under my budget, amazing reviews and just what I’m looking for with very low input latency for FGs! Thanks :slight_smile:


he speaks the truth… once you go 120+ hz you will not go back. I have the same GPU as you listed and can attest that smoothness trumps detail over a higher resolution. the difference between 60 and 144 is so noticeable!

if I was in the market for a new monitor (and I am) with that budget I would go with


I think I’d like the jump into 1440p myself, otherwise that was definitely an option for me as well.


I have been looking at 1440 monitors, but given my setup, I wont get the pegged high framerates that I am looking for (using a 4790K btw). When using a monitor that can push 120+ FPS you need a card that can do it all the time. The 1070 is one hell of a card, but in some games it cant push 144 FPS at max at 1440. I am not willing to sacrifice the smoothness just yet.


If you have money to spend and you don’t mind waiting Acer should release this badboy soon

Mind you Fighting games are FPS locked so you are looking at the other features, and this thing is AMAZING


I sure hope it’s VESA mount-compatible…coz with a stand as fugly as that, it better be!


My opinion: Shopping for a new high refresh rate monitorcan be a nightmare.

Although it may seem at first glance that there are many options, if you read through user reviews/ professional reviews, a lot of them have some issues (which you may or may not care about). Be it backlight bleed, ips glow, bad backlight uniformity on ips, viewing angles, colour banding, pixel inversion artefacts on tn or black crush and problems related to the slow pixel response on va (ghosting, smearing).

Now i don’t know what your preferences are as far as the display type goes TN (fast pixel response, bad viewing angles, low contrast, cheap) , IPS ( good viewing angles, bad contrast, average pixel response), VA (good contrast, slow pixel response), but if i were in the market for a gsync 1440p display, i would take a look at the Dell S2716DG.

Anyway, what i would recommend anyone that is thinking of purchasing a new monitor is to buy it at a place that lets you return it for a period without hassle and to take a very close look at and test it thoroughly to make sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase for a long time.


look at a 1440p Freesync monitor , they are cheaper than Gsync… just sell your 1070 and buy a new Vega or old Fury.
IIyama make great monitor.


Fury X can’t compete with the 1070 in more than a couple games. Vega 56 might be a good alternative, but it’s also looking like damn miners are going to eat them all up- rumors are floating around that Vega is ultra good for their uses. Miners have made buying any new GPU (barring the highest end) a nightmare lately.


@PresidentCamacho What do you mean by “miners”? Bitcoin?


Crypto currency in general, Bitcoin, etherium, etc. A recent surge in crypto values has people looking to create the units buying up all the gpu’s and spiking prices. They’re the reason cards that msrp for $200 are regularly going for $300-$400 lately.


I used to hang out with a guy who did this. His guest room downstairs was converted to a “Bitcoin room.” With all those machines running constantly, it was always hot as hell down there.

By the way:
That guy is a major twat, and so were all his buddies (other twats who also work at Google) who did the same. I don’t know if all Bitcoin miners are twats, but with the small (but sizeable) population I’ve mingled with–there’s definitely a trend…


I don’t begrudge them for trying to make a profit, it just sucks for consumers beyond miners. I do, however, begrudge the ones who abuse the RMA systems manufacturers have in place or otherwise try to rip people off when reselling cards they’re beaten to hell. The market will cool down eventually, just don’t know how long it will take.

The ammunition market went through a big mess a couple years back, I can’t imagine this mess lasting that long.


Weve had bitcoin inflate gpu prices a few years back. Prices dropped when manufacterers started producing some type of dedicated bitcoin mining hardware iirc. Problem is said hardware doesnt work for ethereum (yet).