Help me pick a stick, suggestions welcome!

These are the ones im lookig at.

soul calibur 2 Arcade stick by Hori($50)
Hori Fighting Stick 2($50)
Street fighter AE ($60) (have to mod it though)
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Fighter Stick SNK Version by sammy ($60)
HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick($80)

Which is best??

HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick($80)
sanwa buttons on it and you are ready to go.

I heard the soul calibur 2 one was just as good but cheaper. Why do i need to change the buttons?

Soul Caliber 2 = Real Arcade Pro Stick? I think not. Skip the buttonmod if you want, get the Real Arcade Pro Stick and you will get the best out there.

I really dont like the way the pro looks, im not really after looks in the arcade stick but i really dont like it much, Plus its more then the others, is any of the others comparable to it?

Are any of the others good??? PLease help

Well if you want the absolute BEST stock stick available, it is the Hori Real Arcade Pro.

You can use that HRAP FAQ to answer your questions regarding it.

Uhhhhhh… :confused:

None of the others are good, what about the Soul calicur 2 one?

the soul calibur stick is decent. hori stick and buttons.

one thing though, the layout is made for soul calibur so youre going to have to change your buttons around for every game you play.

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X, L1, R1

Lots of people love the Soul Cal 2 stick. Most of my friends have 1, and I have 1 as well from before I started making sticks. They work great, and are nice and light and portable. The HRAP is heavy and bulky, and I have 1 and gutted it for parts a while back. Kept the Soul Cal 2 stick though. It’s a good stick. I hear the Hori Fighting Stick 2 stick is also good, but that they are a bit of a crap-shoot.

Some people replace the 30mm buttons after a while with Sanwa buttons, but it is not necessary and if you are looking for something you start off with this is not a bad idea at all.

Thats a pain what about the others i posted

I have to config every game?

It’s just all preference. I had a SC2 stick and a HRAP. I did not the HRAP but liked the SC2 stick. But I am sure someone else here will have another opinion on that. The soul calibur 2, the hrap, or the hori 2 are all good choices if you want a j-stick. The Street Fighter AE is worth picking up and modding if you can get and find one.

Me personally I would get Soul Cal 2 (japanese version) or a Street Fighter AE.

The HRAP is nice… but man it is heavy and huge… and I had bad luck with it’s pcb. Maybe I just got a bad one, but I had to replace it.

Oh and is there a way to use the Xbox live Headset with a arcade stick that doesnt have a port for it(like a adapter that goes into the 2nd controller slot for headset)

Not yet that I know of. Even the adapters with a memory card slot… only the memory card works not the headset in it.

I did take my HRAP and rip out the pcb and replace it with an xbox controller’s pcb… and then cut a hole for the headset… man was that a fun little “weekend” project.

Although I was disapointed to find out that nobody really had much interesting to say on XBL anyway:)

Thing is only one of my friends is a figher fan and i like xbox live because You can meet fellow fighters and ones that around your skill level, Im going to try and talk my friend into buying a stick also.

Oh and is it good for the fighters i play

Street fighter
Guilty gear
King of fighters
Soul calibur II
Etc… mostly 2d fighters

Well hori did make an xbox fighter stick. maybe get that and then a xbox to ps2 adapter.

I heard that one was really bad, the bottons break after a while

if you get the sc2 stick, then youll have to change your button layout alot.

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X, L1, R1

thats the sc2 button layout. notice the O and L1 are switched. for sc2, its fine; its the arcade layout. for everything else, you are going to have to map the O and L1 buttons around.