Help me pick a stick!

Been rocking a hori mini and im ready for the big boy stick…im in canada so…my options are
MC Ultrasf4 TE2 -$175
Hori rap4-$180
MC SF5 TES -$260
MC SF5 TE2+$350

Big difference bettween te2 and te2+?

At the end of the day, when spending more then 150 on a stick. It’s all pretty much the same. Some will be heavier and some will have extra features. Honestly anyone of those sticks you listed will be fine

Ask in that thread next time. Get the Hori.

Yep Hori

Last gen was a one off. Madcatz have gone back towards their good old madcrapz this generation

If you’re willing to drop that much why don’t you go for a custom like a Panzer 3 from Jasen’s? I still need to get some parts and assemble mine, but it’s a solder-less process and you’ll have a ton of flexibility in the future. Not to mention the case is waaaay nicer than any of my TE/TE2 sticks.

thanks everyone. Amazon had a flash sale on the rap4. Ended up getting it on the cheap.

Nice. I still have yet to try a Hyabusa stick. Enjoy.