Help me pick another character to learn, please :3

I’ve been having some trouble deciding on who to learn next. I’m trying to, “broaden my horizons” I guess you could say. I used to main Sakura and played her exclusively, but I got a little sick of my options (or lack thereof) and the odds being stacked against me in a lot of my matches. Well, I randomly picked up Cody a week or so ago and have been having a lot of fun playing with him, more so than with Sakura.

However, these are the only two characters I can play decently right now. I’m a little tired of only having two characters to choose from when I’m in Endless sessions with my friends, so I’ve been trying to learn other characters, but there always seems to be something getting in the way. For example:

I tried Fei Long first since I used to play with him back during SFII, but that was a while back. I can’t even seem to do his flaming kick or chicken wing consistently now. The command is too hard for some reason.

There was a trial in particular I kept trying to clear, but couldn’t because it was a combo that involved the light version of the chicken wing, but after trying for 30 minutes or so, I just couldn’t get the chicken wing out at all, lol. So, I’d really like to learn Fei Long since I always thought he was pretty cool, but these commands are killing me (including his command grab that puts him behind his opponent).

Does anybody have any tips on how I can work on learning those commands? I’m pretty sure the answer will be, “practice practice practice”, but I’ve done that and I can’t get these commands out at all even after going in training for an hour or so. I’ve also thought about picking up a charge character, but I run into another problem.

Now, I can throw out a Sonic Boom, sure, but it takes forever it seems like. I see my friends, even guys that don’t really play charge characters, throw them out as fast as hadoukens and I have NO idea how they do it, lol. I don’t really understand why I have to charge for so long before it comes out when these guys seem like they barely charge at all.

Oh and I also seem to have trouble with HCF motions as well. Like with Karakusa, I can do it on the left side, but not consistently. However, on the right side, I can barely even do it at all (MAYBE once out of ten tries). So, if anybody has any input on how to help me improve with my execution for these commands or can think of a character to suggest trying to learn based on Cody and Sakura, then feel free to throw it out there.

Oh and it might be relevant, I’m not sure, but I’m using a stick to play the game and have been using it for a little over half a year.

Learning more than 2 characters at a time is far too many, even 2 at a time is pushing it. You can’t be good at a character playing him for a couple weeks, you can be decent, but to be good it takes months to fully understand them and know all their match ups. If you actually want to get GOOD at the game, pick 2 characters you like and stick with them, if you’re becoming bored with the 2 you’re playing then they don’t suit your playstyle, find somebody that does.

With the information you’ve provided, I can’t do any better than to suggest you pick a character that seems fun.

As for tips on execution, there is a sticky post in this sub forum that is full of them. It might help you to check it out.

Hmmm…but there are a few I find to be fun. My execution is just terrible with them though, lol. I’m so used to playing with characters that have qcf and qcb motions, I’m not really sure how to play with charge characters or anyone that has half circle motions >_<

I guess I’ll check that sticky you spoke of and see what I can find. Thanks!

Pretty sure there is a sticky saying to stop making stupid threads like this somewhere too. This question has been asked soooo many times before go search for you answer.

You’re absolutely right. There is a sticky for that, buuuuuuuuuut…it’s in the SSFIV section.

This thread is perfectly fine here. In fact, they even tell you in that sticky that your answers can be found in the Saikyo section. So, I’m just waiting for my answers, lol.

Besides, there’s a difference in asking how I did and just coming in and saying:

“Dudes, who is an easy character to use?”

Different answer depending on the circumstances, so yeah…nobody has the answer to my question already because my particular question was just asked today :o

SSFIV section or not, it’s still something you have to decide for yourself.

Picking up more than two characters with such little experience is a bad move. Unless you know your initial character very well first, you’re going to slack in both.

I know the decision will ultimately be left up to me, however… there are still suggestions which COULD be made. Like if you’ve been so used to playing Bison for a while and asked your friend, “Who else can I play that resembles Bison?” he might say, “You should give Vega a try”. That’s all I’m doing here is asking you guys suggestions based on what I’ve told you.


  1. I suck with charge characters since I can’t do the charge specials as a finish in combos and such, so that’s out.

  2. I have trouble doing half circle motions on the right side and in commands like Fei Long has.

  3. I play Cody and Sakura (so anybody sort of similar to either of these would be who you would suggest since I’m honestly not sure who could be similar to either of them, lol)

Practice your HCF. Poor execution should not deter you from trying out character
Spend lots of time in training mode just doing HCF if you have to, set a goal for yourself to see how many times you can get it in a row.
As for who you should play, go on youtube, search up some tournament footage of characters you might like

seriously? you just have to learn how to do special moves. you said you tried sakura and she sucks cause of her lack of options. no your sakura sucked cause she couldn’t do any special moves. these needs to come out whenever you feel like it. so before you go on to any character learn how to do motion characters and charge characters special moves. if they’re naked special moves it should be near 100%.

Uhhh…actually, my Sakura didn’t suck, guy, lol. I mained her through vanilla and used her a little in Super as well, but decided to pick up Cody since he’s better and was easy for me to pick up. Anyway, I’m just not really sure how to make myself adjust to doing half circle motions. Something just isn’t clicking for me.

I was trying to do Fei Long’s trials a few nights back and just couldn’t get any further because there was a light chicken wing involved during the combo. I couldn’t get it to come out at all and this was after spending 30 minutes to an hour just trying to do it. As for the charge moves…I got stuck on one of Gen’s trials last night which ended with that charge move (forgot the name, but it’s a roll) after a crouching light punch I think.

I have NO idea how I would go about doing that jumping attack, standing attack, crouching, then that charge move. It just doesn’t make sense how I could hold back, then push forward during all of that for it to come out at the end. Now I know why people are impressed if a Guile player can do a Flash Kick, then FADC into his U2, lol.

As far as the half circle/tiger knee/chicken wing, etc motions: like it says in the sticky, go to training mode, turn on input display, and try. She what you’re doing wrong. Correct your error.

For the charge combo, you just charge while you’re jumping in and through the whole combo. After the last normal you just cancel the charge move.

Why does that rule them out? Sounds like it’s just something you should practice. Pick up Vega! Definitely Vega.

Uhh… Similar to Cody and/or Sakura… Try… uhh… Can’t help you there.

Start holding back as soon as you jump.

Flashkick FADC u2 would be…
(2):db::uf:+:k::mp:+:mk::r::l::r:+:3p: I think.

Hmm…You might enjoy the shoto characters. IDK, just a suggestion. They dont have charge/hcf moves.

Nah, it’s :db::ub:+:k::mp:+:mk::r::r::l::r:+:3p: . It’s hard as hell to do consistently, though.

Don’t listen to some people on this forum. Yes, it isn’t good to main alot of characters. However, you will still progressively get better with the game as a whole. That and it’s good to mix it up (at first) to find who you really want to put all your time into maining. No need to get good with someone 'cus he was the first you tried to realize you like this character better later. Anyways… I really don’t know who to suggest. Maybe, Guy? He’s pretty fun, all his moves are QCFs or QCBs, he has a wall-jump (sidenote: I like wall-jumping characters), and he has alot of options. You may get beat alot at first (don’t know how good you are), but when you learn him you can really mess with some opponents. I myself main, Fei Long. I just wanted to post that since you said you were trying him.

stick to 2 characters bro.

Quality is WAY better than Quantity