Help me pick my character!


I dont want to use charge characters because I use the xbox 360 d pad so I cant do their ultra or any of their moves whenever I try to. I also dont want to use Sagat because he is overpowered. Im not sure if I should use Ryu or not because he is a little OP too imo.
What are some characters that are easy to pick up?
I have every character unlocked except Seth. I’ve had this game for about 2 weeks and it’s the first fighter ive taken seriously.

EDIT: I have no idea what character to use. All the charge characters are way too impossible for me to use. The top tier characters are all gay. Sagat and Ryu are too commonly used, Balrog is charge, Akuma’s Ultra is impossible to land, and Rufus looks like a stereotypical white american. The next tier rank is bad too, Zangief looks retarded, Chun is charge, I don’t have Seth but he’s a charge (I think), Blanka and Bison are charge, C. Viper seems like it would be just spamming flame kicks. What can I do?!?!? I guess I could just use Abel or stick with Gouken but anyone under C. Viper doesn’t seem like is a good character.




Don’t let that hold you back from using a character you like. Everyone has the same character select screen so nothing is turning people away from using the top tiers except for their own preference.


if you take it seriously, get a stick.
if you dont take it that serious, get a fightpad.

Use C. Viper. Not enough Viper players, and I love playing against her. Its all mental.

if you take the game serious enough that youre getting SSF4, getting a stick now would be a good idea because by the time it comes out you should just be getting used to how to control it.


pick Sagat or Ryu.


Help me!


Viper is awesome but, she’s hard as fuck to use. Especially for a newbie.

Honestly just pick the character you like. It’s not like you’re going to be competing against justin wong any time soon and until you are character tiers wont really affect your gameplay because they’re all pretty well balanced until you get to the tippy top of game play levels and, even then those top level players are good enough to make weaker characters just as good.

Pick who you like and who fits your play style and then stick with them. And it’s not like you can’t switch in a few months if it’s just not working out.

If you’re really dead set on something that’s not charge and isn’t widely used try someone like Dhalsim, you almost never see anyone playing him.

I used to always want to play Ryu but, I used to resist it because he was the “poster boy” Then I realized that everytime I was playing someone else I kept wishing I was playing Ryu so I finally said fuck the haters and now I’m 100% Ryu and loving it.


Ryu is just wayyy to overused for my liking. It’s not that I want to use a character that no one uses but Ryu is used by almost everyone. I dont like Sagat because he is OP. I would use Rufus if he didn’t look so damn gay.

Im going to look at all the characters and see which one I think looks the coolest. I used to think that it was Gouken and I got pretty good with him, I can do a lot of his combos and get some wins online but I’ve lost interest in him.


because he’s hard as fuck to use.

if you come across a sim player who knows what he’s doing, it’s a hard fight.

granted op, if you took the time to read up on how to use sim properly, it’s a great feeling. his style is pretty unorthodox compared to everyone else imo. just gotta be patient.


Just because a lot of people use someone doesn’t mean a lot of people are GOOD with them.

I’m sure there are some really good die hard Ken players that couldn’t give a fuck about all of those Ken scrubs out there.


I dont care about the amount of people that are good with Ryu though. I care about the huge amount of people that play him. Way more people play Ryu than any other character in the game probably.


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Probably because he’s the most basic to start off with…


Just don’t play the game at all.


I play a LOW TIER character, Sakura, but do you think that stops me from entering her in tournaments? No. Although I lose frequently, I’m still sticking to Sakura. Like everyone says, pick a character that you like.

I chose Sak because I have mained her since SFA2 and never changed my my main since then. (exception to this rule is SFIII:TS, where I use Q and Makoto)

Tiers don’t really matter, it’s the player and how they play. The first thing you need to have is a mentality of winning, no matter what character you are using. Of course lower-tier characters have a harder time than that of top tier characters, doesn’t mean that they lose all the time.

Also, who cares what other people say about the characters you LIKE. If you like Ryu, then stick with Ryu, people are not judging about who you play with, but how YOU play as a player. Being picky when it comes to characters is also bad.

As for choosing characters, I would suggest to start with a charge character, it teaches you not to mash out commands. They should show you how you only need to hit a button once, not 3 or 9 times (unless special moves that require multiple button presses).

But, as seeing as you dis-like charge characters, go with Ryu, as he is the most well-balanced character, with good normals, specials, and set-ups for Ultra.


I’m not really sure where to start, so I’m just giving you a bunch of bullet points.

  • The stock xbox 360 pad sucks ass. At least get one of the madcatz fightpads. Having to automatically not consider characters because they use charge moves is obviously not an ideal situation.

  • Don’t worry so much about tiers. The tiers in SF4 are really compressed, meaning that the low tier characters aren’t really that bad and the top tier characters aren’t that OP.

  • If you ever see a Viper just spamming flame kicks, they either are doing it because you keep getting hit by it or simply have no idea what they’re doing. She is actually quite good, but definitely not easy to pick up. She has one of the highest execution requirements of all the characters.

  • Seth is not charge, but also is not a good character for a beginner.

  • I don’t think Abel or Gouken are really good picks for new players (Gouken maybe), but ultimately, if think you other options are–I believe you used the frat boyism–“gay,” then I guess you answered your own question.


I dont care what people say if I use Ryu I just dont want to be like everyone else. I know that I wont be like everyone else if im better than them but I just dont want to use Ryu, even if he is the most basic character and one of the best in the game.


Play Dhalsim. I swear almost no one plays him and hes not charge.


Ill try him out again. He was the very first person that I was trying to main but I was really unfamiliar with how the game worked back then. I like his Ultra+tele mix up.


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