Help me pick my fighters (games)


I am picking up SSF4 while it is on promotion and I wanted to get a second fighter to play along with it.

Mind you I have not played many fighters before, so I’d like something similar for comparison until I can find what style I like. Currently I am in between buying injustice, skullgirls, or kof. Blazblue was taken off the list since I play on pc and the latest version seems not to be available. I’ve read posts about how some fighters don’t transfer skills very well.

Which fighter would you recommend a complete beginner? What fighters could help me in learning SF4 and/or other games of the genre?


If you want to learn to play SSF4:AE…play SSF4:AE.
If you want to learn to play KoF…play KoF.
If you want to learn to play Injustice…play Injustice.
If you want to learn to play Skullgirls…play Skullgirls.

It should not be left to other people to decide what game you want to play.
You know yourself the best.

Watch match videos, combo videos, and research…decide which one you like best.

I will say this though…I’ve read that Skullgirls has one of the best tutorials.


I am playing ssf4 either way, I wanted a second fighter to play along with it though.

I heard the same about skullgirls. I wanted to play something which I could transfer what I learnt to street fighter and vice versa tho. From what I read injustice doesn’t teach you much about other fighters.


Nor should it…


Each game you have to learn separately man. You can’t just learn AE and expect to know how to play Skullgirls because you know how to play AE. Every game plays different.


What I meant is there are things that transfer from game to game, at least that is what I hear. I am not talking about picking up a game and being able to play it competitively because you were at such level in another game. What I am talking about is the basics of each of the games. Some games are more similar to each other, if you go from battlefield to cod you will be able to apply some of what you learnt.

Basically what I am asking is which game has the most features in common with sf, or features which could be helpful. I don’t know much about fighting games, but I am sure there may be similarities and differences between each of the titles.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way with fighting games…


While you SHOULD pick the one that appeals most to you and it’s ultimately your call, I would suggest skullgirls over kof or injustice. Reason being that out of the three it plays the least like a SF game, giving you experience outside of the box (that said, it’s still a 2d fighter… just more in line with marvel/blazblue than SF).


It’s all the same concept just with a different move list.


i’m gonna have to disagree with that, because, to use SkullGirls and SF4 as an example, Skullgirls relies on chains for combos, leading to 20+ hit BnBs, while SF4 relies on links, limiting combo potential. Also, Skullgirls is a much more mobile game, with characters having runs and airdashes to move around.

So yeah, the concept of “fighting” is the same, but it ends with the button layout.


By learning street fighter you will learn some basics of fighting games, it will transfer over to many games. Zoning is probably the most useful concept in 2d fighters. I say get KOF. A lot transfers over but kof is still pretty different, and it will teach you to be accurate with the stick which will pay off. I think by playing sf and kof you will learn lessons from both games that can be useful.


Each game can teach you something that will help with any game. SF teaches the importance of match up knowledge and fundamentals. Marval teaches you to think fast and under pressure, ect. Now the more games you play and the more characters you play in each game the longer it will take you to get good at any of them, so it is a trade off. Just make sure if you decide to play multiple games, play each game at least once a week. I put a bunch of time in Injustice then left it alone for a long time, went to play it and it was like I never played.


Stop giving advice. Between this post, and the other thread where you said character match ups don’t matter, shows you have very little understanding of the subject of fighting games. Do more reading the posts and less posting untrue advise.


thank you very much for the responses! :slight_smile:
I guess I will try to pick a few different games over the course of the next few months and give them all a little try while I attempt to learn sf. Hopefully I can get something out of each of them :smiley:


This is a good time to pick up lots of fighting games even if you don’t play them now, they are cheap, and as you get more involved in your local scene you will run into people who play those games. Plus when you find yourself burned out on what you are playing you can grab another title from your collection you can go thru the trials


Play all fighters, one fighter may teach you something another wont.


Well USF4 and DOA5U have recent content updates. Killer Instinct doesn’t look that good, MKX is a different story.

I’ve played all sorts, some more than others. As for my most used characters,

Injustice League: Doom’s Day
Dead Or Alive: Hitomi
Marvel vs Capcom: Deadpool, Sentinel, Wolverine
Mortal Kombat: Undecided, haven’t played it much in awhile
Street Fighter: I’ve picked random select more than any one character