Help me pick please

so i got a bit of money left over in ps store wallet and i honestly can’t decide between these 3 games for ps3

skullgirls encore (downloaded the demo so far i really like how it plays but i have no idea if online is active)
street fighter 3 third strike (never played ti familiar with the franchise again no idea if online is active)
darkstalkers Resurrection (i had the ps2 game that had all 3 loved the hell out of it, again no idea if online is active)

so any help? maybe info on their online communities

While the Darkstalkers fanboy in me says get ressurection. I’m gonna be as objective as possible.

Darkstalkers Ressurection online is practically dead. You will spend sometimes an hour searching for opponenets and most of them will be from Japan. However. There is the facebook group that is active and full of players. Just introduce yourself. Let people know you wanna play.

I’m not sure about Skullgirls encore. I know the PC community is still very active.

Thirs Strike is still very active online.

Nobody knows what you like except for you. Don’t ask other people to make your life decisions: these types of threads are banned in FGD.