Help me please, CPS3 3rd strike to (2 Astro city arcade cabinets)


How to connect one «CPS3 SFIII 3rd strike PCB» to two «Astro City Arcade Machines» ?

Please Help


If you want the quickest response, try posting in tech talk. A quick google search brought this link up as well

Most people that play 3S (or most fighting game players for that matter) can’t afford to own one Astro City Machine, let alone two cabinets. Best of luck


Thank you So Much, and Very Sorry (I am NOOB) (-ِ -)


You can just buy a JAMMA VS loom from FrancoB. (francoscustoms @ gmail dot com)


100$ to just shunt signals is quite expensive, to say the least.
Looks solid and clean though, and i guess it’s the way to go if you don’t want to solder anything…


Franco’s craftmanship is unlike anything I’ve seen in the stick / tech community in FG’s…and this is coming from someone who has had a few B15 sticks.


I don’t know how it’s done but every game center in Japan has it set up like that so it can’t be too difficult. Ill ask mr Matsuda from newton this Sunday and report back!


Blast City’s have a dedicated kit made by Sega, everyone else builds a harness the same way Franco did.