Help me please! Scarlet terror and the crossover

Oh mu guys, I’ve searched EVERYWHERE and havn’t been able to find an answer.

I love playing Vega,whether it be in Sf4 or HD remix, here’s my question.

If I’m crouched and charging for the scarlet terror(flip kick), You charge DB. When a person comes for a crossover, how do I do the scarlet terror to the side they’re jumping to? I’ve done it by accident many times but do not know the correct input. Do I just continue the move as normal as if they were still infront of me? This dosn’t seem to work, I end up doing the scarlet terror, they jump over and then i get punished as I land.

Do I slide across the button to what would have been DF and then go back? Or would I just slide it to what would have been just Back? HELP PLEASE!

You just complete the original input motion right when they cross you (as in a little after they cross you). Its called autocorrect.

it’s called auto-correct. Just try doing the Scarlet Terror later than usual. Not the best idea with ST seeing as how it has no invincibility frames and will just get stuffed by the crossup, no?

Does this apply for hd remix as well? Yes many times it will be stuffed but with the EX i have made some nice counters with it…just wanted to make sure of the command… thank you guys sooooo much.

Do you guys have any advice on what to do with vega when getting crossed up? I find myself getting thrown alot since ill miss the charge sometimes.

Vega has close to no wakeup options other than EX’ing out of the situation. Block…and follow with an option select. (Db, lp+lk) If they throw you’ll tech it, if they attack you’ll block it, if they do nothing you’ll throw out an attack. IMHO its probably the best you can hope for considering your character.


One thing I like to do when it’s obvious they are going for a crossup (if it’s ambiguous this can get you hurt) is to Focus backdash. You dash the way your character is facing but since they crossup it becomes a backdash away from them, do it instantly the moment the FA absorbs the crossup.

The other player almost always is already mashing out the next step in their blockstring, cr jab or whatever, and it’s a free cr mp for you or maybe even a sweep.

Now does this work against Ryu’s sweep?