help me please


im new to mvc2 with the release of xbl and i must say this is one of the hardest fighting games ive ever played. i started out in training mode a bit and im finally getting the groove of things against other players. however, i feel my play style is incorrect as i pretty much keep away with cable with sent assist. i surprisingly win like 65% of my matches by being a cable gun assist whore, the worst is the chaining air hypers. if you catch two people its pretty much game over.

ive tried to use other chars and do more “combos” but my attacks always seem to get over rid by theirs. especially coming down from an air attack into a kick or w/e. ex: i jump at someone and do heavy kick and get launched. i try the same exact thing and il get kicked. makes no sense. is this lag or do certain attacks take effect first.

random questions
oh ya, how do i roll across the ground? and when can this be done.
can assist be called when in the air? sometimes it seems tow ork, sometimes not.


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