Help Me Pleaseeeee Kailerea Netplay Problem

Cannot Sign Onto Kaillera I Read Around People Sayign You Need To Open Your Ports But Dont Know How To Help!!!

try hamachi also

do you have the kailleraclient.dll file? If not download it here. Put the *.dll file under the Kaillera folder in the Mame directory, if all else fails, re-install Mame! And when the window firewall asks you to unblock(allow) when you host or connect on p2p, ALLOW it.

after open MAME, under the file tab, click KAILLERA NETPLAY… change mode to client…blah, blah, blah…

lol mame

i use kawaks im going to treee the port forawrd website

thank you everyone i just needed to redownload the kaillera .dll