heres my o-prime that i forgot about, im not really proud of it, but its my first o-prime. what i was really trying to do a good job at was the colors. i would like sum tips on how to make eye relly look bright and to make the tire look like rubber. any tips would help basicly ( i use photo shop )

oh and constructive critisism is good too, thx



unfinished btw


The drawing is there, but there is no connection of light and dark masses. Darken the shadows up some more and try not to use textures till you have your basics established. Hipe that help and overall good job.




well, i only did half of what you told me to, cuz i put textures, cuz im so stuborn. give me sum feed back!


Here try something like this.


lol it’s ridiculous how much better you made that look sfmc :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoah… Did you use Photoshop?..


Wo0t thats so good!
i just have no idea how you did that!!
(maybe you can reply in the tips thread, for every one to read!):smiley:


ya id like to know how you did that, but not as much euhh… how can i say … blurr, ya its cuz i want to be able to atleast see a part of the details…

[maybe if you passed me the *.psd file of my pic that you did, i can figure out how you did that super coloring thing, unless you didnt use a special layer thing(looks like a circle with an f)]