Help me practice for Evo!

Hi guys,

With Vegas coming right up, I figured I should try to get some online matches in to prepare. Here are my relevant games, in order of priority:

Super Turbo
Real Bout 2
Breakers Revenge
Last Blade 2
World Heroes Perfect

I would prefer to play on the new p2p client, but can also do regular old Kaillera.

Thank you very much,

I’m always down for ST play. Send me a PM with the times you’re usually on and we can do some P2P. :bgrin:


I’ll usually be on from around…11 PM to 3 or 4 in the morning, Eastern time. Possibly earlier as well depending on how the day goes.

you can catch me for last blade 2, and i didn’t know they had last blade 2 at evo

ok if you want ill play you in breakers revenge and turbo pm me when you’re ready.

Man, I hate to break it to you. But online play is so different from off, that online practicing wont help much. It’ll probably help you on what works or not in a real match. I think thats about it.

Online helps if you can get a decent connection. Not so much with execution even but just getting an idea of how to play a matchup and remembering certain things during a fight.

As far as those games…the only game I would even worry about practicing is Super Turbo. All the other games you might as well just practice while you’re at Evo. :lol:

Online will just hurt you. Most people I know that go to majors and play kaillera stop playing on kaillera for a month or two before each tourney. Not even just kaillera, same thing for Live. Online is just for getting frustrated or for dicking around if both you and the other guy don’t take the matches seriously.

When using p2p it’s only like 1-3 frames of lag, I transition to and from online/offline in like…a round.

Also Josh I’m halfway decent at all that stuff barring World Heroes, but I don’t use AIM. If you wanna play just come by the IRC channel. vvv

I’m down for ST or LB2 anytime on P2P or LAN.

since i have my execution down i should just play online and learn matchups? ^^

Hey people, had a job lined up over the weekend so that’s why I was away. I’ll also have jury duty during the day tomorrow and possibly Tuesday as well, but hopefully the evenings will be free!

Serpent et al, I am aware of this, but I have very little match experience with my ST Claw, so anything will help me. Same with RB2 Geese, though nobody plays that anyway obv.

Kyokuji, I actually forgot that Dark Geese dropped LB2 for Evo, but I definitely want to start playing it again afterward.


Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me. Barely anyone plays it. Let alone people who actually know how to play it well.

It might be mame 117 if we play breakers or turbo but if i manage to get p2p working it will be that.