Help me replace this cable

hi all, so i seem to have damaged a cable while modding my 360 madkatz fightstick (i know it was a stupid thing to do) it seems this cable is related to the joystick cause it acts very strange now ( diagonal downright is up. things like that) anyways was wondering if anyone could help me find a place to replace this online. here are the images of the cable.

any help would be greatly appreciated

make sure the wires are going into the right positions. Up should go to up down should go to down and etc.

if you didn’t take off that paste that they use to check if you modded it then you should try to match them up with their slots. i have a feeling you got the ground wire in the wrong slot

i don’t know why the wires wouldn’t be in the right positions. I didn’t disconnect any of them i nicked the wire with a screw when i was putting it back together.

sorry i now see what you were saying, the connection wasn’t in correctly… when i put it in correctly it worked but it needed a bit of pressure to stay on it for me to get working 100% so i wrapped one of those plastic ties around it works great now. thanks for the advice