Help me secure my Linksys WRT54GS wireless connection

what’s up with my wireless Linksys WRT54GS locking me out when I try to set a password for my wireless connection? I enter it while my computer is hooked up to the internet via ethernet cord, then unplug the ethernet cord out when the settings are completed, and I lose connection. when I try to go to the"Connect to a Network" area on Vista, it tells me that my computer doesn’t have the requirements or something, so I have to put my wireless connection to unsecured to use it wirelessly. what’s the deal?

P.S. (because prior people on other forums that tried to help fail to read), I’m on the internet wirelessly as I write this message. the problem isn’t getting my internet to work, it’s securing my connection so no one else can use it.

Alright so, from what I understand…
1)you can connect to your wireless when your signal is not encrypted
2)you can connect to the internet when you are wired straight to the router
3)your router locks you out when you are trying to set a password (?)
4)your OS tells you that you are missing something…

Hmmm, ok so you have obviously tried to encrypt your signal… so I’m guessing you know how to do that. Once you got your encryption key/password though, did you configured you wireless network connetion? What I mean by this is if you have gone to Network Connections>Wireless Network Connection>wireless connections(tab on the top of the window)>Whatever your network thing is called (maybe Lynksis?)>properties>association? And have you put your password there, the type of encryption, etc? If not, that might be the problem.

Edit: Oh shit, I just noticed you said you have Vista… I’ll try to see into it but it should be kind of the same for configuring your wireless network… :S

Try running the set up software again, and follow the directions, and set the passwords, weps, then. I don’t know how computer literate are you.

I run 128-256k encryption through custom firmware, imo thats the best way to secure, however it is tedious, and requires networking knowledge. If your up to it, research DD-WRT to begin :wink:

Dude, I think right now the guy just needs help setting up his wireless security, lol. I don’t think it would be wise to tell him to start thinking about flashing a costum firmware onto his router… despite how shitty the Linksys firmwares are. :wgrin:

isn’t using a MAC address the safest way to secure a connection?

Yea, but even that can be sniffed, lol

Did you try configuring the router directly from the IP address? I believe the standard IP address should be for Linksys routers. You should be able to use Internet Explorer and set up all of your options from there.

I have the WRT54G and that’s the way I did it.

Hmm 256 bit seems a bit overdone :confused:

Who’s going to bother cracking that ? Also network performance is noticeably decreased on 128 - 256 bit encryptions.

What kind of encryption are you using? If you have an older wireless card, it may not support all encryption formats. WEP is pretty old, so give that a try before WPA.

If this is your network and no one else relies on it, then your best bet is just to reset to factory settings and start all over again.

Either use WEP/WPA or limit it to a MAC address or a combination of both. That should be enough. If someone sniffs and spoofs your MAC address just to use your internet connection, you need to just shut it down and use wires. And then go over and get MacGyver’s autograph and post it on SRK.