Help me settle a bet. (re: 3s ken links)

Allright so this should go in the strategy section really, but since that place is dead it would take me hours to get a response. So I hope the mods will cut me some slack if i just post a question here.:wgrin:

In third strike, when you do the airhurricane with Ken and combo it into SA3, is that a link or a cancel? Please tell me it’s a link.:sweat:

And how do you hit it consistently? I’m kind of new to third strike so I have trouble hitting that shit.


its very hard to do period i dont think anyone does it consistently since there are better cancels. ive only seen it once in a match but that person lost anyway :slight_smile:

What? Air hurricane into SA3 is link. There’s no way to cancel that into a ground super.

it is a cancel… period… its almost like just doing a mp shoryu into super… you need to buffer the super as soon as the you hit them the first time.

Air hurricane?? Air Hurricane?? Sounds just a juggle to me. Well, assuming you mean EX, otherwise its a link.

Uhm , lets settle this.

From the GROUND its a first hit cancel.

From the AIR its a last hit link.

…Period… :looney:

If its the one from the air you mean , its a link , easy to do , though somewhat depending on when the foot hits. If it hits late , plenty time , easy link . If it hits early , same amount of time , but less open frames to link with.

If its the ground one you mean , you have to cancel upon impact of the first hit BEFORE Ken actually leaves the ground . Its pretty much useless , and the damage scaling is terrible.

Exactly Sargoth. It’s a link. Otherwise it would be much easier to hit consistently. And yeah the ground hurricane is of course a cancel.

That settles that-:wgrin:

Thx to all the posters that replied.

you cant cancel an air attack into a ground attack ever

…why the hell would it be a cancel?

I have, on accident, cancelled a low forward into a hurricane and the hurricane into SAIII. I am still not sure how to do it, it just happens sometimes. (This is on the ground.)