Help me start out with MVC2!

I finally got my hands on MVC2 for psn and i really want to get some guidance towards the right direction. I know some strategies and teams but I dont know any combos and my execution sucks. What are some good combos that I can learn to help beat ass online? I have no footsies or the right movement in the game. Lets play if you have it on ps3. DR_LOVESTEIN is my psn name. If your willing to teach a new dog some old tricks it would be much appreciated

what team are you trying to learn?

I do the best with team scrub. Probably because that AHVB is a beast from a far distance, so I want to learn that. And I wanna learn how to rushdown with MSP really bad but I think thats out of my league, so I would take Santhrax as a substitute for now

ive been learning the game for the last 9+ months, so im not far from where you are now. from at least my experience, i wouldnt place so much emphasis on combos and footsies as i would spacing(kinda like footsies but not really) and movement. knowing when to call assists and how you move in relation to them + being able to execute dashes perfectly in quick succession to quickly transition between different stages of the match is super super important. this is especially key for msp/variants, one bad psylocke call or a fudged up mags dash that comes out as a fierce and youre done against some1 who knows what theyre doing.

i think msp is a difficult team in mvc2 to get started with, especially if ur still fine tuning execution. i play around with a magento/storm/cyclops-hurricane kick team that can do some of what msp can do, but the execution and risk is much lower. its way easier to confirm off hurricane kick than psyblade + cyclops is a way more viable point character than psylocke. and cyclops has more universal playing value (youre one step closer to playing matrix or scrubclops, just gotta graduate to gene splice)

i can help you out if you willing to gameshare